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I have very sensitive skin and have never found a moisturizer that I could use without breaking out. I recently purchased Good Night Moon Beams. This is truly the best skin product I have ever used.! My skin is very calm, moist and happy. No breakouts. I am so excited about this product. Anyone with sensitive skin needs to give it a try. You have a lifetime customer in me.

Superior relief from this anti-itch spray! I got into a mess of chiggers, (a BIG MESS of ’em!), and could not sleep at night for the itch and burning. I tried chickweed salve, chamomile , etc. and nothing much helped except ice…. The good Hendersonville Co-op lady suggested this spray.

Aaaaah! What a blessing. And it smells lovely, too! Thank you, ZenJen!

“I have been using this product for at least 6 months now and love it!!! Love that it is natural, plant based and I love the way my skin looks. Thanks Jen!”

“I used to work for a major skin care company for years and used their products which I thought was the best until I used Zenjenskin products. It was a game changer…my lines disappeared and I have not seen them since.”

“I love ZenJenSkin’s products. My favorite, for personal reasons (and a little rosacea) is the Ageless C Serum, it’s like vitamins for my face, or “Skin Food” as Jen says. The quality of ingredients, the combinations and the meticulous and loving preparation by Jen are enough to get my attention but the results are even better. Thanks Jen!”

My skin loves your products…I’m currently using the bright eyes, good morning sunshine & the vitamin-c serum. The creams are very light and perfect for my sensitive skin. I also think my skin is breaking out less since I’ve started using them. Thank you!

I’ve been using ZenJenSkin’s  C anti-aging Serum for several years and it’s one my favorite facial products ever. (I’m in my 60’s so I’ve tried a lot of them over the years!) It’s a primary element in my face-care routine. I use it morning and evening. With each application, my skin is increasingly nourished as it absorbs the Serum’s essence more and more deeply. There’s a subtle, yet unmistakable, life-giving vibration that the Serum seems to give. I can only guess that it’s the fine ingredients, Jen’s knowledge and skill in concocting this lotion, and the sincerity and good-will for our skin’s health that she provides in every batch she prepares.

“ I absolutely love the products I have used. I currently use the Serum, the eye cream, and the roobios cream. I have tried Greenridge Organics, Natural Organics, Naturallogic, Arbonne, Clinique, Neutrogena, Origins, and many others. Some of them stink (literally, are smelly), and I don’t like that. Some of them just didn’t do the trick. I am very picky, I have healthy skin and because of that, I am more concerned about NOT ruining it with heavy or toxic products that will make my skin look leathery and opaque in the long run. The Zenjenskin products leave my skin glowing. These products are worth way more than their price tag…expect that to increase, because it’s just that good.”

I don’t usually write reviews, but I absolutely love this product. In the past I’ve been rather apathetic in my skin care, but have taken interest this year in taking better care of my skin. I’ve tried all sorts of products, many of them higher end, expensive stuff. My skin was actually worse, I had more fine wrinkles and had oily skin whereas before it was pretty smooth and balanced. I was given this cleansing scrub as a gift, and immediately saw positive results. After literally a few days, my forehead didn’t have little lines anymore, the excess oil was gone, and my skin felt soft. And I mean my actual skin, not just a layer of soft film over it. I highly recommend this product, it seems like it would be good for any skin type. I’m looking forward to trying other products from ZenJen!

“I have been using Zenjen skin care products for a few years now and love the way my (59 year old) skin looks and feels.  Running a greenhouse and being exposed to extremes of temperature and humidity as well soil particulates, provides a great challenge for keeping my face both clean and well nourished.  The Zenjen Good Morning Shining Star does the job, leaving my skin feeling healthy and smooth.  I love that there is no need to worry about harsh chemicals since all the ingredients are natural and many of them locally sourced.  I can feel confident that all her products are totally safe as well as extremely effective, while also being very affordable.  I will continue to recommend Zenjen skin care products to friends and relatives.”

My daughter has always suffered from itchy skin. This product is amazing! Works like a charm.  Organic Itch Ease Spray

“I have very sensitive skin; it is rare to find products that both moisturize and protect. This product line does not break my skin out. It non-greasy, light and leaves my face baby soft.”

“Best face creams I have used in years. I have checked other products similar to Zenjen’s and they are 2 to 3 times more expensive. Love these creams!”

Bought gardeners hand salve, was amazed how well it cleared up my cracking dry feet and hands. My wife and I endorse this product, and recommend to anyone with sever dried skin. I have blood sugar issues that have made my feet look horrible, after a good week of using this product it cleared up my condition. Because of the lavender being an anti-fungal it cleared my athlete itch, and toe nail fungus as well. I like the fact it is all natural and that it does not soak up into the skin like lotions. Kudos on a well made product at a reasonable price.

Papers and Blogs Oh My…

Citizen Times – Asheville, NC

Using ingredients like organic carrots and mountain herbs, Jennifer Maves said there’s no need to make anything — including her skin care products — more complicated than it has to be….

chat with vera zenjenskin

Chat with Vera

I discovered ZenJenSkin products through an online review. It looked appealing so I further researched it. (Always do your homework!) I found that ZenJenSkin has a pretty full line of products made from locally harvested plants. What really thrilled me….

natural news zenjenskin

Natural News

“I’ve been using ZenJenSkin’s Ageless C Serum for several years and it’s one my favorite facial products ever. There’s a subtle, yet unmistakable, life-giving vibration that the Serum seems to give. I can only guess that it’s the fine ingredients, Jen’s knowledge…and the sincerity and good-will for our skin’s health that she provides in every batch she prepares.” Stephanie/Asheville, NC

Blog with Mom

“I have to say that Wake Up Bright eyes is my absolute favorite! I have bought high dollar brand name eye creams in the past and this one has given me the best results, so ZenJenSkin Wake Up Bright Eyes for me from now on!” Zen on the Go Package

Miki’s Hope

“I have 64 year old skin, I received the Organic Skin Care Trio-Night, I have used them for a couple of days now and my skin does feel a lot more moisturized–not as dry. The lines on my forehead are far less noticeable.”


Appalachian Spa Magazine

“A woman owned business, owned by Jen herself, created a plant based face care line using organic ingredients to repair wrinkles, dark under eye circles, brown spots and irritated skin.  Jen makes all of her products in micro batches so they are fresh and active using optimal ingredients for the best most positive results.”


Peanut Butter and Whine

“I have to admit I am sometimes skeptical about all natural products, I always thought, I have bigger wrinkles and more uneven skin tone that all natural products can handle. I’m an industrial strength type of gal. It’s with a heavy sigh I admit, I was wrong. Just because a product says it’s natural doesn’t mean it can’t handle the job!”


Mommy Matters

“When I tried this product I noticed the smell right away and LOVED it. It is so refreshing. I would buy it just to smell it everyday, its intoxicating.  I used it for one week and noticed results to the puffiness under my eyes. It also helped with the dark circles.”


Beauty Fashion and Makup

“It’s not only super gentle but works better than most Exfoliants out there! If you have sensitive skin, this is a must-have.”

Organic • Non GMO • Vegan • Gluten Free • Paraben Free • No Animal Testing • No Chemicals

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