Do you know what is in your skincare products?

ZenJenSkin believes in using only the most fresh, nutrient dense, and sustainable sourced ingredients. We source our divergent skincare ingredients from both the pristine Amazon jungle to the the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  It certainly doesn’t get more diverse than this-a fusion of energizing frequencies from two of the most biodiverse regions of the world.


Pure Natural Skincare Ingredients. It’s that simple.

ZenJenSkin products are artisan blended to re-define ageing-simply.  We make all our skincare products from scratch.  All of our ingredients are plant based and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.  So, you can use them as often as you like!

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Revitalize and Moisturize your Skin

Revitalize that dry, flaky skin with ZenJenSkin products!  Give back your skin the moisture it so desperately craves-and needs.

Does your skin resemble crepe paper?

Then it is probably lacking vital hydration and nutrition.  Our plant-based skincare products contain organic ingredients sustainably harvested direct from the Amazon jungle revered by indigenous cultures for centuries.  The result?  Hydrating oils and butters your skin will love!

ZenJenSkin products add moisture to your skin the natural way.

Feel younger once again and reclaim your youth!

Promote Healthy Skin

If you are a woman with sensitive skin, you know the struggle. You want moisturized, hydrated skin. But your skin looks anything but.

Our organic and sustainable ingredients in ZenJenSkin’s plant-based products are the perfect match for sensitive skin.

Gentle. Cleansing. Soothing.

Struggle no more and receive the results you want!

Reveal Your Natural Beauty

Age is just a number.  If your using the best beauty products!

ZenJenSkin botanical beauty products can help you achieve more beautiful and younger feeling skin.

Reflect both your inner and outer beauty naturally with the help our artisan-blended product formulas.

Natural ingredients which hydrate, tighten and brighten to the core for natural healthy skin.

Be Beautiful.  Be You!

So Exactly How Can ZenJenSkin Help You?

The natural ingredients in our plant-based skincare products may help you to:

ZenJenSkin is naturally…

  • Non-GMO

  • Vegan

  • Gluten Free

  • Paraben Free

  • Cruelty Free

ZenJenSkin’s Quest

I’m a minimalist, so I like to keep things as simple as possible. I was tired of looking at skin care products with a million ingredients on the label.  And I certainly didn’t want to use 20 different creams to get the results I wanted.

Living the  Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC, and traveling many times to the Amazon jungle, I  set out on an adventure to find the most nutrient dense, superfoods on the planet.   I  finally discovered all the ingredients I needed to make a excellent organic skin care solutions.

I only handcraft small batches of my artisan blended products at any one time.  I use only the freshest plant-based ingredients and fuse them with moisturizing and active elements to produce an amazing, skin-loving result.

I designed my products to be-simple, to be pure, and to be multi-purpose.  I handcrafted each product to perform a variety of duties: Promoting hydration, soothing to the soul, and to achieve younger-looking healthy skin.  Best of all, they are perfect use with  sensitive skin.  What more  could you ask for?

Are you ready to try the Zen difference?

Jen looking out to mountain

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“I used to work for a major skin care company for years and used their products which I thought was the best until I used Zenjenskin products. It was a game changer…my lines disappeared and I have not seen them since.”

“I have been using this product for at least 6 months now and love it!!! Love that it is natural, plant based and I love the way my skin looks. Thanks Jen!”

“ I absolutely love the products I have used. I currently use the Serum, the eye cream, and the roobios cream. I have tried Greenridge Organics, Natural Organics, Naturallogic, Arbonne, Clinique, Neutrogena, Origins, and many others. Some of them stink (literally, are smelly), and I don’t like that. Some of them just didn’t do the trick. I am very picky, I have healthy skin and because of that, I am more concerned about NOT ruining it with heavy or toxic products that will make my skin look leathery and opaque in the long run. The Zenjenskin products leave my skin glowing. These products are worth way more than their price tag…expect that to increase, because it’s just that good.”

“I love ZenJenSkin’s products. My favorite, for personal reasons (and a little rosacea) is the Ageless C Serum, it’s like vitamins for my face, or “Skin Food” as Jen says. The quality of ingredients, the combinations and the meticulous and loving preparation by Jen are enough to get my attention but the results are even better. Thanks Jen!”

Join ZenJenSkin’s initiative to honor the Earth and loving all beings. With much gratitude and love. JenZen

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