Stop Using Chemical Based Products!

Do you know what you’re putting on your skin?

At ZenJenSkin, we use only fresh, sustainable ingredients. Stop wondering what’s lurking beneath the surface. 

Shed years like they’re going out of style!

Our products refresh your skin and make you look marvelous without the harsh chemicals. Best of all, they’re designed for even the most sensitive skin, so you can apply it wherever and whenever you like.

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Replenish Your Skin’s Moisture

Does your skin resemble crepe paper?

If so, it’s not as nourished as it should be.

Dry, flaky skin is no more when you rejuvenate with ZenJenSkin.

Organic ingredients like Acai stem cells, Vitamins A & C, and natural oils and butters give your skin the moisture it so desperately craves.

Add moisture the natural way and reclaim your youth.

No More Red Spots!

Women with sensitive skin know the struggle.

You want to rejuvenate your body, but your skin says “nuh-uh.”

With ZenJenSkin, your skin can finally be free! No more splotches, rashes, and red spots.

Our organic and natural ingredients are perfect for sensitive skin – no discrimination here.

Repair Unsightly Damage

Are you scared to look in the mirror?

Do you no longer see yourself; just a collection of sags, bags, and wrinkles?

With ZenJenSkin, you can restore your skin cells with all-natural ingredients and make mirrors your friend, not your enemy.

Our formula revitalizes at the cellular level, repairing damage and protecting against future blemishes.

So What Does ZenJen Skin Do Exactly?

The proof is in the results…

ZenJenSkin is naturally…

  • Non-GMO

  • Vegan

  • Gluten Free

  • Paraben Free

zensitive skincare package for sensitive skin

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Zensitive Skin Care with CBD Oil

Cleanser • Toner • Serum

What’s Up? Jen here

I’m a minimalist, so I like to keep things as simple as possible. I was tired of looking at skin care products with a million ingredients on the label, and I was tired of using 20 different creams and serums to get the results I wanted.

Living the illustrious Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC, I realized that I had all the ingredients I needed to make a high-quality, organic skin care solution. I only produce small batches, and I don’t mess around with extracts or diluted materials. I use the WHOLE plant, so it’s as fresh and potent as possible.

I designed my products to be – simple, pure and multi-purpose. Each one is carefully crafted to perform a variety of duties, from replenishing moisture to restoring those droopy parts. Best of all, they are perfect for sensitive skin, so use them to your heart’s desire!

Are you ready to try the Zen difference?


What Others Say

“I used to work for a major skin care company for years and used their products which I thought was the best until I used Zenjenskin products. It was a game changer…my lines disappeared and I have not seen them since.”

Maryfrom Wisconson

“I have been using this product for at least 6 months now and love it!!! Love that it is natural, plant based and I love the way my skin looks. Thanks Jen!”


“ I absolutely love the products I have used. I currently use the Serum, the eye cream, and the roobios cream. I have tried Greenridge Organics, Natural Organics, Naturallogic, Arbonne, Clinique, Neutrogena, Origins, and many others. Some of them stink (literally, are smelly), and I don’t like that. Some of them just didn’t do the trick. I am very picky, I have healthy skin and because of that, I am more concerned about NOT ruining it with heavy or toxic products that will make my skin look leathery and opaque in the long run. The Zenjenskin products leave my skin glowing. These products are worth way more than their price tag…expect that to increase, because it’s just that good.”

AmandaBlack Mountain

“I love ZenJenSkin’s products. My favorite, for personal reasons (and a little rosacea) is the Ageless C Serum, it’s like vitamins for my face, or “Skin Food” as Jen says. The quality of ingredients, the combinations and the meticulous and loving preparation by Jen are enough to get my attention but the results are even better. Thanks Jen!”

DeniseMars Hill

Organic • Non GMO • Vegan • Gluten Free • Paraben Free • No Animal Testing • No Chemicals

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