ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) is a catalyst that, when comes in contact with skin, acts as an amazing antioxidant.

Alpha-lipoic is an organic compound produced by the body which was first found in the 1950’s. It was declared an antioxidant in 1988 and this feature is what accounts for its popularity.

Properties of ALA

As a skin-conscious woman, you may already have heard of and known about ALA. It is also known as “the all-inclusive antioxidant” as it is both oil and water solvent.

In the body, ALA has astounding medical benefits. Because of its ability to perform as an antioxidant, it battles free radicals and lessens soreness. It also helps keep you in the pink by keeping your heart healthy and providing protection against certain diseases.

A decline of natural chemicals in your body can be a result of numerous factors such as inappropriate eating routine and hypertension. ALA combats the lacking; it does not only keep your body healthy but also adds to your beauty.

ALA in Skin Care

ALA acts as a cancer-preventing agent and stimulates the formation of other antioxidants as well, for example, vitamin C and E. It is likewise known to soothe the skin and augment it.

ALA is a compound with magical effects on your skin. Here is what ALA does to your skin and why should you consider using it.


  • Deep Penetration


What truly makes alpha-lipoic acid stand out from the rest is that it is an exceptional antioxidant; truth be told, it is 400 times more intense than our most-preferred vitamins, specifically Vitamin C and E.

Like you may already be aware, these vitamins with antioxidant properties help treat skin soreness or inflammation, revamp the skin, and above all, provide protection against free radicals, ultimately lessening and treating the signs of aging. Such signs may include wrinkles and drooping and fine lines which ALA helps to cure by encouraging the development of collagen.

The acid penetrates the skin as well as the skin cell membrane where it can infuse these powerful antioxidants at a more profound cell level.


  • Exfoliant Properties


Exfoliation, in simpler words, is the shedding of the skin. If you yearn to have healthy skin, it is of extreme importance that you use exfoliants; however, a majority of people don’t have the slightest idea about this.

Exfoliation manages the oil glands and cleans up the pores by expelling dry cells that might add to a dull skin appearance.  ALA basically improves your skin’s exfoliation ability and consequently enables your skin cells to shed effortlessly and naturally. Any topical product containing alpha-lipoic acid applied weekly along with a good dose of exfoliation is sure to leave your skin flawless.

Because of the amazing properties that ALA has, this genius compound is commonly found in a lot of skin care products.  Crepey Skin RepairHoney Suckle TonerPresently I have it in and
If you love taking care of your skin and prefer to use organic products that, unlike “quick and conventional solutions”, supply essential nutrients to your skin, ALA is the best choice!