Fading Serum

Use:  Apply to face, neck to lighten brown spots and over all spotty pigmentation.  Not recommended for dark skin. Follow up with a good sunscreen.

Healthy Youthful Ingredients:

These ingredients are selected to do preform three functions:  Exfoliate old skin cells, Renew fresh skin cells and Lighten discoloration for brighter and lighter skin.  This product is high in Vitamin A and C, important ingredients for all these functions.   And a four category is added just for the health of the skin.

Exfoliate old Skin Cells

Fruit Acids both exfoliate dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and fresh

Acid Blend of Malic and Tartaric Acid works to exfoliate dead skin cells for smoother skin

Blueberry Extract evens out your skin by exfoliating dead useless skin cells at a faster rate.

Renew Fresh Skin Cells-Focus on Vitamin A (Natural Retinol)

Carrot Resin is rich in vitamin A, an antioxidant.  Carrot juice also nourishes, moistens the skin and protects again sun damage.

Aqueje (Buriti) Oil bleeds orange.  It is caulk full of Vitamin A, a natural retinol for cellular turnover.

Rose Hip Oil is full of Vitamin A and C for cellular turnover.

Natural Retinol (Vigna Aconitifolia Seed Extract)is a botanical alternative to retinol and it non irritating. It improves collagen stimulation, and cellular renewal

Lighten Discoloration-Focus on Vitamin C (Brighten Skin)

Kakuda Plum is a known super food in Australia  and has 100 more Vitamin C than an orange.  It’s simple:  More Vitamin C-tighter, brighter skin.

Camu Camu Extract has one of the highest amount of Vitamin C on the planet which is a vital nutrient for lightening brown spots and supporting collagen.

Lemon Peel lightens skin as well as a potent antioxidant and AHS (alpha-hydroxyacid).

N-Acetly Glucosamine and B3 has studies when used together to lighten brown spots

Other Cool Ingredients

Colloidal Copper assist protecting and creating elastin in the skin.  Copper is a trace element necessary for the production of elastin.  Elastin is the stretchy characteristic in your skin that keeps you looking young. Colloidal  Copper also moisturizes your skin

Hyaluronic Acid keep moisture in the skin.  The combination of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid is a necessary anti aging duo.