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5 Foods for Radient Skin

Reduce puffy eyes and dark circles.

Combination of Coffee, Green Tea and Pomegranate reduces puffiness, dark circles and lines around the eyes in a study in healthy subjects when used  twice a day for three weeks.   Found in Wake up Bright Eyes

Lighten Brown Spots and Tighten Skin

Pomegranate is an anti inflammatory, anti-oxidant and is known for sun damage protection, repair, stimulates collagen synthesis and treats brown spots.  Pomegranate is a main ingredient in Hello Sunshine and WakeUp Bright Eyes

Pomegranates reduces hyperpigmentation

Moisturize and Soothe

Colloidal Oats cleanse and moisturiz­e, soothe and protect the skin from environmental toxins.  Colloidal Oats are Non GMO and are in all ZenJenSkin products making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Brighten Skin, Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells

Lemon Peel is an effective alternative to hydroquinone  for inhibiting tyrosinase is  used as a skin lightening as confirmed  by efficacy testing.  Found in Hello Sunshine.

Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells

Papaya improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and is attributed to soothing irritation and exfoliating dead skin cells.  Found in Good Morning Shining Star. 

More of the “good” stuff, some of it derived from food.

Reduce Wrinkles

Hydrolyzed Protein is a Rice tripeptide which is smaller for greater absorption improving collagen synthesis, reduction in wrinkles and increased smoothness. Found in several products

Anti-oxidant, Beta Carotene

Sea Buckthorn is high in antioxidants, Vitamin E and K, carotenoids and omega 7, an essential building block to healthy skin.   Found in Good Night Moon Beams.

DYI skincare remedies for smooth skin

Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells

Fruit acids mimic AHA’s constituents such as glycolic, malic, tartaric citric & lactic acid exfoliate dead skin cells revealing fresh and radiant skin. Found in Ageless C Serum

Ferula Foetida  What?

is a shrub known to the middle east and used for culinary and medicinal purposes.  And it now has become known as an effective ingredient to treat hyperpigmentation.  At the 2% concentration, FSS Ferula Foetida Extract significantly inhibits the activity of tyrosinase by 99.8%. Too much tyrosinase increases the melanin in the skin resulting in brown spots (hyperpigmentations)  Just to be sure, we compounded 5%-The ZenJenSkin way!  Ferula extract is found in Fading Serum Dark Spot Corrector

Jack Fruit Spiky and Sweet

Jack Fruit is spiky on the outside but as it matures, it softens and becomes very sweet.  It is a superior source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These distinct vitamins provide potent antioxidant properties.  In addition, Vitamin C brightens the skin as well as reduce hyper pigmentation.  This super ingredient is found in Fading Serum Dark Spot Corrector

We’ve All Heard About Hyaluronic Acid…

Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes, conditions as well as plump up the skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  Combined with Vitamin C, it is a super ingredient found in all anti aging skincare.  Hyaluronic Acid is all ZenJenSkin products.

repair brown spots

Repair Sun Damage and Increase Elasticity

B3 (Niacinamide) and NAG Glucosomine is proven to treat hyper-pigmentation, sun damage repair, and increase elasticity. Reduction in the appearance of facial hyperpigmentation after use of moisturizers with a combination of topical niacinamide and N-acetyl glucosamine: results of a randomized, double-blind, vehicle-controlled trial.  Found in Hello Sunshine

Chaga Mushroom:  King of the Forest

Chaga did not the get the names King of the Forest and Mushroom of Immortality for no reason.  It is almost the highest on the ORAC scale for anti oxidants.  Chaga has tons of melanin in its crust which protects its body for the harmful rays of the sun.  When taken internally and externally, it also is effective in protecting our skin against UV rays.  To read about more benefits of chaga click here.

Chaga is found in Glow on Spritzer, Hello Sunshine Tinted Day Lotion and NatZema

Tighter Tissue From the Sea

Marine Algae extracts Nourish the skin, strengthens skin tissue for tighter improved skin tone and especially compounded for Sensitive Skin.  Marine Algae is found in Zensitive Serum and GoodNight Moon Beams.

Algae thrive in extreme deep sea conditions soaking up light and all the goodness from the ocean. Besides being known for its’ complete nutrition, marine algae is full of antioxidants and is abundant in many trace minerals and vitamins. It protects all your cells from internal and external invaders.

Phyto-Biotics Acai Stem Cells

Acai is an berry commonly found in the rain forests of the Amazon. It has been used in History for immune boosting, healing and energy boosting benefits.

Acai is a known super fruit with tons of anti aging benefits for the skin topically and internally.  Utilizing stem cell technology, this plant-derived, stem cell ingredient offers antioxidant, protecting, and anti-aging benefits while enhancing cellular metabolism.

Adding this awesome ingredient to skin care line boosts anti aging benefits!  Acai stems cells are found in Ageless C Serum


Honey is not just what you call your sweetie

It is the perfect solution for dry irritated and acneic skin. Honey is a natural antibacterial, cleanser, moisturizer and full of skin nutrition. Your pores will breathe easy while red irritated skin will transform into healthy glowing skin. Try slathering some all over your face and feel the buzz. Remember to thank a Bee.

Find Honey in Crepey Skin Repair

A rose is not just a rose

Intoxicating scents sending you right into the zen zone, roses are amazingly moisturizing and re-youthinates dry and mature skin. Roses are found in Glow on Spritzer.

CBD Oil-Cannabis

CBD is the newest thing to use in skin care but not just a fad.  It is based on science.  Not the psycho active properties that make you feel super happy, but the CBD (cannabinoid) that is a proven anti inflammatory, modulates the sebum output, a supreme anti oxidant and has anti aging properties.   If you have sensitive or inflamed skin, products with CBD will give you the benefits you want.  CBD is found in Zensitive Serum-50 mg CBD.  More information on CBD in skincare can be found here

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