I am the founder and creator of an organic plant-based skincare line.  My  journey began over 10 years when I was  blessed to move to the mountains of North Carolina.  My home is in Asheville  where I spend many hours walking in the mountains  discovering  the bounty of beautiful plants and trees offering their essence for food and medicine.

I chose Asheville because I love the mountains and wanted to live in an area where natural healing is taught and the residents are very knowledgeable.  When I arrived,  I enrolled in a 9 month Herbal Medicine course where I began learning about all the healing powers of plants.  Soon after, I enrolled in a class working towards a diploma in Holistic Health studying Physiology and Anatomy, Nutrition, and Essential Oils.  During that time I learned how to make tinctures, medicinal teas, nourishing oils and extracts. As my passion grew I focused on how nutrition-and more specifically how plants-nourishes and supports the skin.  Out of all these experiences grew my anti-aging plant-based skincare line ZenJenSkin, Skinfood from Mother Earth.

ZenJenSkin is an anti-aging plant-based facial care line inspired by nature, crafted with passion.  All are created with powerful ingredients focusing on super anti-oxidants, multi-peptides, nourishing botanicals and extracts which work synergistically together revealing plumper, tighter, fresher, and more healthy, youthful looking skin.