How Does Cacao Help in Reducing Skin Dullness


To make the chocolate, you recognize and love, cacao (stated “ka-cow”) is the raw bean roasted and often fermented. While creating the delectable cocoa powder used to produce chocolate, these methods naturally decrease the minerals and antioxidants in cacao. So indeed, raw cacao is far healthier for you to eat and offers a range of health benefits. Darkish, mildly sweetened chocolate is an antioxidant-wealthy meal.

Cacao helps you stay young

The capacity of chocolate to put off getting older can be one of nature’s finest gifts. Cacao helps guard your cells against oxidation and ageing because it has one of the highest measured antioxidants (ORAC) capacities. Studies have shown that including cocoa, which is high in antioxidants, in your diet will improve vascular health, raise HDL (the good) cholesterol, and lower blood pressure. Iron, selenium, copper, zinc, and manganese are other good-sized minerals determined in cacao. Cacao, a valuable whole food source of magnesium, supports a healthy thyroid, brain, and inflammatory response. However, it is especially beneficial for women in reducing PMS symptoms.

Cacao is high in anti-oxidants and Omega’s

Cacao has many of the same advantages as food. High antioxidant levels shield and restore the skin from harm and early ageing. And because it is a potent anti-inflammatory, it calms redness and blemishes, enhancing skin tone. Cacao butter, natural oil made from cacao seeds, includes beneficial omega-6 fatty acids to rejuvenate and relax the skin. While an improvement in circulation encourages fresh blood flow to the skin’s surface, maintaining its health and radiance. But an important thing to consider is Meal Preparation for Seniors. Many elders have dietary requirements, such as diabetic diets or a preference for low-sodium foods. Still, there is hope because the compassionate staff at Loving Home care will create a senior-friendly meal plan. They are made in a way that still meets nutritional requirements while tasting nice.

The super blessings of Cacao Beans to your skin

Cacao beans are responsible for the delicacy of chocolate, considered the gods’ food. Theobroma cacao, sometimes known as cacao, is a tree grown for at least three millennia throughout Mesoamerica and the Amazon. Cacao beans are the seeds or nuts of this tree.  I visited a Cacao farm in Ecuador and it was an epic event.  There is a whole process involved creating the chocolate bar in which we are all familiar.  It really helped me appreciate Cacao more than ever….as if there was more room:)

How does the chocolate bar happen

Cacao refers to cacao nibs, cacao butter, cacao paste, or cacao powder, depending on whom you ask. In a nutshell, the cacao beans are dried, wiped clean, and roasted within the following fermentation to create chocolate. Cacao nibs, made after the shell is removed, are processed into cocoa mass. Because of its high antioxidant content, cacao is considered a superfood powerhouse, but most people are unaware that these antioxidants can also benefit our skin when applied topically.

What does Cacao do for your Skin

Let’s dispel a common misconception: consuming chocolate or using it topically in skincare products won’t cause breakouts. Our cells are shielded from accelerated ageing by the high concentrations of polyphenols and antioxidants in cacao, which are also present in green tea and red wine. Amazingly, raw organic cocoa provides more antioxidants per gram than blueberries.

Currently, cacao is the focus of scientific studies on ageing, and some promising findings have been made. Researchers from Seoul National University in Korea evaluated cacao’s capacity to aid wrinkle prevention and discovered good results.

One study showed that cocoa increased the effectiveness of genes that help keep skin hydrated and elastic when exposed to UV radiation (chocolate sunscreen, anyone?). According to Korean research published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, cocao may dramatically lessen wrinkles brought on by sun exposure and assist in genetically regulating skin health.  ZenJenSkin Natural Sun Lotion has Cacao in it for this very purpose

If you search online, you can discover chocolate face masks you can create at home with cacao powder; I suggest giving it a shot for something unusual. Your skin will benefit greatly from all those antioxidants.


  1. Micro circulation promotes healthy skin.

Blood helps remove waste and free radicals from the body and transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The skin may appear dry, sallow, and unhealthy due to poor blood circulation. According to a German study from the Institute of Biochemistry and Microbiology, regular ingestion of flavanol-rich cocoa sharply raises cutaneous blood flow and oxygen saturation.

This shows that cocoa, rich in flavanols, will increase blood glide and oxygen stages at some stage in the frame. By increasing blood flow and circulation, you can keep your skin cells nourished and improve the skin’s overall vitality, maintaining youthful skin longer.

  1. Tones the Skin

We’ve already talked about how cacao moisturises, softens and renews skin, but there are countless other ways it can help you look better. Its nutrients nourish your skin, lessen irritation, and remove dead skin cells for a more supple and luminous complexion.

The magnesium in chocolate inhibits the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which directly benefits your skin by reducing stress-related problems like breakouts and early ageing, and indirectly by promoting better sleep.


This article will guide you about the many advantages of cacao for reducing skin dullness and making your look more glowing and younger.