You can be Healthy and have Cancer

Water Therapy

Hi,  my name is Jen and I want to tell you about the most life changing journey of my life in hopes that you, the reader, might relate in some way and glean some tips that might help you in your journey.  We are a tribe and sharing is very important.  When one heals we all heal.  I do believe this.  Do you believe you can heal from any disease?  Do you believe it is possible? Do you think you can be healthy and have cancer at the same time?  I DO!

Cancer has never scared me.  It is a group of very intelligent cells has figured out how to live.  It changed its nature to an abnormal cell to survive.  Believe that you can change that direction. Whatever goes in one direction can go back to another direction.   In fact, your whole body wants to live and will participate if you give it the right environment to survive.

Have you ever seen a flower peeking through cement and against all odds, it survives? It wants to live and tries very hard.  And so your body is trying very hard to live and serve you.  Hopefully this blog will help you find the right mix of protocols, supplements, lifestyle changes so you can heal from cancer too.

What you will find in this blog

In this blog, you will find various tips and protocols that I sometimes experiences to be effective and some not so worthwhile.  I realize all of our bodies are different and there are numerous types of cancer, so some will work for you too-even the ones that didn’t for me.

Your journey is a personal one.  Please know that I don’t have all the answers.  The information I am sharing are my experiences.  I honor and respect any path you decide to take and encourage you to your research and listen to your own intuition.

Guests post from Awesome People I met along the way

Along my journey, I have met many awesome people that have helped me immensely with their knowledge and encouragement.  On many occasions, I will invite them to write a guest post as they are more knowledgeable in their area of expertise. It is my intention that you glean as much information as possible to help you on your healing journey.

Water Therapy

Here is my first tip. It isn’t top of my list, but it makes me happy and I believe offers healing properties.  Two words:  Water Therapy.  If you have never heard of it before it probably because I made it up.  I discovered the healing power of water years ago by accident.  For a whole month, I was not feeling well.  I was tired all the time.  I really don’t know why or what I had, I just know how I felt-lethargic.  One day decided to go to a waterfall with a friend.  We sat under this super powerful waterfall letting it cascade over our whole body’s and basically beat us up with the force.  The results were amazing.  I no longer felt tired not then or any days afterwards.  

Today, I practice going to the waterfalls as much as possible.  While I am healing, some days I feel wiped out and the waterfall and cool water totally changes the way I feel.  How and why does this work?   Well I am only a recipient of the beauty water offers, but there is science behind it.  


Mysteries of Water

I watched a UTUBE video called the ” The Great Mysteries of Water“.  If you want to understand even a little about water, watch this video.  I only know in part, so this video will explain more than I can.   What I got from it and water has a memory and pure flowing water from a river or stream has healing powers and responds to you.  I am sure you have heard of Masaru Emoto.  He practiced freezing water quickly discovering crystals.  Beautiful crystals developed when a nice thought was verbalized or just thought.  And super ugly crystals formed when a negative thought like “I hate you” was said  or thought to the water. It is also further found that if water is very degraded, it can be turned to pure healthy water by infusing it with positive thoughts.

Talk to your Water

Yep, talk to your tall glass of water.  Depending on who says so, we are made up 70-90 percent water.  The point is we are mostly water. Speaking to water is like prayer. So whatever you say to the water, and then drink it, you are essentially offering prayers to your body.  Say beautiful things to your water and you are drinking that beauty.

Find your Happy Place

Lastly, water is my happy place!  Being joyful goes a long way.  When you are happy, your body responds positively.  My Aunt told me this-when you smile even though you don’t feel like it, your body (emotions) can not help to respond and you will find that your actually are happy.  Kind of like, fake it to you make it.  

Thank your body for serving you all these years. Remember you can be healthy and have cancer at the same time.

Health and Wellness on Your Journey