3 Tips for Daily Cleansing and Rejuvenating Your Skin

Cleansing tips for rejuvenated skin

Current environmental conditions coupled with the ageing process can take a toll on your skin if you ignore its care and maintenance. It is not just about our face but the entire body; it needs to be taken care of to look healthy, fresh and younger. Just as some people prefer using a hand dryer to keep from rubbing their skin or getting pollutants off from a towel, you can follow various small daily cleansing tips and tricks to keep other parts of your body baby soft and healthy. Here are three excellent tips to rejuvenate your skin daily:

Be Thoughtful While Choosing Your Face Wash:

Cleansing your face is the first step toward your skincare routine. It is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning and the last thing before you sleep, which implies how essential it is for your skin’s health. Be thoughtful while you pick your face wash. Make sure it is suitable for your skin type; else, it will bring more harm to you. For example, it can be too harsh and cause further irritations or it really dry your skin out leading future skin problems.  It is good to follow this rule no matter what type of skin you have:  Clean thoroughly but gently and don’t over clean resulting in stripping your skin of essential protective oils. 

Make sure you are aware of how to use face wash the right way. You do not need to rub it harshly all over your face. Instead, you need to be gentler. Even if you have adult acne, try not to use anti-acne face washes to dry your skin; choose the gentler ones.  I know that you just want the acne to be gone so it is natural to aggressively wash your face, but avoid this, it will only cause more problems accelerating skin aging process, resulting in loss of elasticity.

Exfoliate Regularly:

My favorite step in my skincare routing is exfoliating.  Sometimes I will use a product I created, but often I use ingredients from my refrigerator or cupboard.  Ingredients like coconut oil, cinnamon, yogurt, honey, lemon and more.  I find this step rejuvenates my skin swiping out its’ dull appearance to bright glowing skin.  

Our skin sheds dead cells, which form an entirely new layer every 28 days, that is if you are young.  When you get older, it is more like 45 days.   If you don’t remove dead skin cells regularly, your skin will appear dull. Try exfoliating your skin with coffee, charcoal, or oats regularly such as  twice or thrice a week. Exfoliation helps clean the blocked pores, remove blackheads, and restore your skin’s brightness.  That is one idea to exfoliate if you want more, click here.

However, just like washing your face, do not overdo the exfoliation process, as vigorous rubbing can affect the skin’s elasticity and can cause wrinkles and sagging. If you want to look way younger than your age, always be gentle with your skin no matter what skincare step or routine you are following.


It’s hard to believe, but even oily and acneic skin needs to be moisturized to retain its natural glow. Choosing the right type of moisturiser is the key to keeping your skin healthy, happy and wrinkle-free. Knowing your skin type is crucial to making the right choice regarding moisturiser. Dryness is the worst thing that can happen to your skin. From wrinkles to breakouts, it can make your skin age faster.

Using the moisturiser before going to bed or applying makeup is essential. Make sure to use good quality moisturisers that are made for your skin type. You can also seek help from a dermatologist to help you identify your skin type and a moisturizer that will nourish it accurately.  A good rule of thumb is irritated skin works best with a light soothing moisturizer and super dry skin works best with a moisturizer that effectively treats dry skin.

Bonus tip!

Your skin’s health is directly related to what you eat. I discovered this first hand when I had a health problem that led me to eating lots of green drinks.  Not only did I feel better, but my face looked younger and my body was regularly hydrated without using a moisturizer.  Especially my heels. They were always cracked and now they are smooth.  

The more attention you pay to your diet, the better results you are likely to see. Try cutting out excess use of sugar as it can result in pimples and acne marks. Opt for a protein-rich diet such as fish, bone broth, legumes, beans, etc. They help build more collagen, which makes your skin youthful.


Having a skincare routine does not take much of your time; however, it does benefit you in the long run. Your age is reflected through your appearance, not only your face and neck, but your whole body; therefore, if you want to look young and have healthier skin, follow a proper skincare routine and use good quality products that are specifically made for your skin type.