We are excited to be launching a new addition to Zenjenskin care products! Our high-quality oils are now being infused with ozone to help you create the most luxurious skin care rituals that will result in beautiful, glowy, and youthful skin! This addition to our line is going to be a gamechanger in your skincare.

What is Ozonated Skin Care?

Simply put, Ozone is created when oxygen and UV rays combine. Ever heard of the earth’s ozone layer? That is a layer that covers the planet to help protect the earth of the harmful UV rays.

In ozonated skin care, we have taken the benefits that we have seen come from the earth’s ozone layer and put that into a skin care line to help protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Ozone can be healing to our skin and can truly make you feel your best.

Why Ozone?

It is my goal to create beautiful, rich products that you can feel good about using. There are so many pollutants out there that can be harmful to our skin and bodies. My desire is to always create products that will help heal and restore our skin back to it’s vibrant self. As I kept looking into skin care and various ingredients, I knew this had to become part of formulating my skincare line. 

We are constantly exposed to pollutants in the air. UV rays are not only harmful to the earth but can be extremely damaging to our skin. Adding in ozone to a skin care routine can help your skin actively fight against these pollutants and harmful UV rays, helping you to feel assured that you are doing your best to protect your skin.

How is Ozonated Skin Care Made?

Ozone is considered an activated oxygen. Essentially, it is a stronger dose than the normal oxygen that is around us. Oxygen is normally made up of two atoms but ozone has a third which helps to make this more potent and powerful.

We are taking the time to add ozone to the high-quality oils we use in our products. Oxygen is added to each of our oils and then stored in an ozone resistant container. The oil is then saturated with oxygen and over a period of time, the oxygen turns into ozone gas that beautifully mixes with our oils to give you all the benefits of ozonated skin care. What are some of the benefits from Ozonated Skin Care?

When ozone is used as an active ingredient in your skin care, you will begin to see many benefits. Firstly, ozone provides a deep cleansing of the skin. Just as the ozone layer works to clean the earth from harmful toxins, ozonated skin care works to remove toxins and harmful bacteria from your skin. It is the ultimate detox ingredient and will be revolutionary in your clean beauty journey.

The second main benefit is it’s moisturizing capabilities. This type of skin care can be classified as luxurious because the experience you have while using it, makes it feel like you’ve been at the spa. Not only does ozonation help to detox your skin, but it will also provide intense hydration and moisturization for your skin. It will penetrate deep into the layers of your skin, helping to heal your skin and bring it back to its full life.

The third benefit to ozonated skin care are the anti-aging benefits. This product is anti-inflammatory, helps to improve circulation and is regenerative. It gives the ultimate fight against aging and gives you the most youthful, glowy skin. It helps to reduce the look of wrinkles and cellulite and stimulates new cell growth. This is the perfect ingredient to add to our anti-aging skin care line.

Start Your Journey Now

Although ozonated skin care does have many anti-aging benefits, it can be used for all skin-types and stages of skin. This product can be used by teenagers and also by the elderly. It offers benefits for everyone and needs to start to play an important role in your routine. It is important that no matter how young or how old you are, you are working to protect your skin-your largest organ.

Ozonated Oils in ZenJenSkinSkincare

Since it takes quite a while to make these ozonated oils and most of the benefits are for topical skin concerns, I will be adding these oils to products in my sensitive skincare line.  These products will be Zensitive Serum and ZenRegen Perfecting Oil. Be looking for these new formulas in the next couple of months.  When I am ready to make a new batch of Natxema, I will also add ozonated oils to the formula.

Always my pleasure to make beautiful products for you!