Is Natural Bug Spray Important?

Organic and Natural Bug Spray-Zenjenskin

Are you tired of appalling inspect repellent scents? How about that sticky feeling after diffusing coat after coat of spray? Or feeling like the products you’re using are harmful to you, your children, or the environment?  Is an all natural bug spray really important after all?   For me, it is!  I would rather get bit, then feel all sticky and smelly.  For this very reason, I crafted my own formula to protect and to smell great.

Essential of Bug Spray

All you have to do is get bit enough times and possibly ruining your fun, to realize a good bug spray is essential, especially as the temperatures increase,  and mosquitoes emerge. However, bug spray isn’t just to keep the insects away. It is a crucial protector of insect-spread diseases. Illnesses such as Malaria, Zika virus, West Nile virus, and dengue can all be contracted from a simple mosquito bite.

Your best defense against contracting a disease is using bug spray. Conversely, commercially sold bug sprays contain harmful ingredients. Synthetic chemicals can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions. While the common component known as DEET can be detrimental to the central nervous system.

Organic bug sprays have all of the same benefits (and more) without the toxins. I handcraft the Rest in Peace Organic Bug Spray with powerful natural ingredients, without using Deet, creating maximum strength effect.

How Rest in Peace Organic Bug Spray is Made

Utilizing my garden plants, I create a potent hydrosol. Once the hydrosol is completed, I then add specific essential oils for repelling insects. The product is an eco-friendly, sustainable, long-lasting spray. And, quite possibly most important, you won’t be repelled by the scent. The herbal and aromatherapy scent is more than tolerable; it’s pleasant.

The organic essential oils of lemon-eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, cedar wood, orange, and clove are incorporated into my bug spray. Oils of lemon-eucalyptus are known to have the same effects as low levels of DEET. While peppermint oil is an identified deterrent to many bugs (gnats and no-seeums too) because of their aversion to the scent.

Catnip not just for Cats

Other ingredients include distillate of catnip, peppermint and yarrow, witch hazel, and neem oil. The repugnant reaction from bugs to catnip is a more recent discovery. However, a great one. Cats love it, but bugs don’t.  The plant is a successful and safe alternative to include in a bug spray.

These ingredients all come together to create an effective and nontoxic product. You’ll feel peace of mind using a naturally made product that is safe for all.

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