Gemstones vibrate at varying frequencies, each creating its own effect. Many stones have a positive influence on self-care and skin benefits. This concept was not something I was fluent in before moving to Asheville fourteen years ago. However, as I began to study and familiarize myself with the healing impact of gemstones, I was hooked. I eventually decided that I wanted to share these healing properties with others. That is when I began incorporating gemstone frequencies into my skincare products

How to Infuse Gems to Boost your Skincare

The use of gems in skincare products is a fairly simple process. The water that is used in the products  is infused with the select gemstones for the benefits that promote self-awareness, beauty, and powerful energies.

I also set intentions as a part of my skincare creation practice. Intention supercharges any practice.  So the positive intentions that I set increases the effects of my practices and, therefore, my products.

In addition I infuse these Mother Earth products with Stone Exilers from Serpentine Mama within my skincare. I believe that her product, Whole Women, is the perfect addition. Her products create a powerful reality shift, to inspire a transformational journey to encourage and enhance new beginnings.  And this is definitely a time for new beginnings!

Gemstones used in ZenJenSkin Products

As with other methods of incorporating frequencies, gemstones vibrate at varying levels. These frequencies hold different meanings and effects. I hand-picked the stones that I believe will benefit my customers most.

Sapphire: This brilliant blue stone brings serenity and peace of mind. When used in skincare, it promotes hydration for the skin.

Amethyst: The violet coloring of this quartz stone is striking. It encapsulates free flowing properties to sooth the mind and bring clarity. This aids in harmonizing and healing anti-inflammatory conditions.

Lapis: Intense in color, this metamorphic blue stone is hypnotizing. This stone encourages self-expression and self-awareness. When used in skincare, it aids in decreasing inflammation, redness, and breakouts.

Tourmaline: The tourmaline stone’s energy attracts positivity into one’s life, whether healing, friendships, love, or money. In skincare, tourmaline’s benefit is the increase of collagen production, creating elasticity of the skin and a more youthful look.

Emerald: Known as a stone for healing and positive energy, the mesmerizing green emerald has many benefits in skincare. It may be used to help even out skin tone, increase hydration, stimulate new cell reformation and lock-in moisture.

Citrine: Often a pale, transparent yellow stone, citrine promotes happiness, light and a positive energy flow. In skincare, citrine aids in regenerating the skin, creating a bright complexion.

Rose Quartz: A beautiful pale to medium pink colored stone, the rose quartz gemstone, profoundly promotes self-love and deep inner healing. This stone can help with calming redness and magnifying the effects of other stones.

Diamonds:  Bright and refliective is an ancient remedy for exfoliating revealing new skin cells. They also help anti- aging ingredients have better absorption for better intended results. 

Gold:  a precious gem is touted for its brightening, anti-inflammatory and collagen-generating effects.

In addition to the above gemstones, and as mentioned above, I incorporate Whole Women as well. This product is a combination of pink tourmaline, obsidian, green jade, bloodstone and angelica.

Does it Work?

Though this may not be a concept many are familiar with, brand-name companies often incorporate minerals into their skincare products. The gemstones discussed here are ones that are also used by those companies. However, I have then taken their healing properties a step further with intention setting and elixir infusion. The end result is positively charged products-my gift to you.