The Latest Trend In Skincare Infused With Vibrational Frequencies and Why You Might Want It.


Energy is the epicenter of the Universe. Incorporating positive energy and high vibrational frequencies into your life is life changing.  The truth about energy is not actually new but very old.  

How many times have you thought of someone and they call?  That is energy that matched your frequency.  Our emotions, thoughts and in fact everything on this plant vibrates at a specific energy.  This is a scientific fact and is realized in everyday life.  

Reasons to use Vibrational Frequencies

Vibrational frequencies are used for a myriad of reasons. We may listen to various levels to aid with meditation, healing, attracting love, and more. The incorporation of positive energy and vibrational frequencies to skincare is a natural fit.

Properly caring for the skin is essential, especially as we age. A simple, yet effective skincare routine should be implemented as early as your 20s. Incorporating products with energy and frequency properties drastically enhances your routine.

You may be wondering how energy is transferred to a tangible product or what specific benefits you may receive from this activity. Well, let’s get into the specifics.

How I Infuse Vibrational Frequencies

There are various energies that can be infused into skincare to increase its benefits. These energies may be chosen based on healing properties, intended effect, and area of specialty.

Vibrational frequency usage is a technique that that can dramatically enhance skincare products, and one of the energies I use in my product line.

I use specific tools to infuse vibrational frequencies into my skincare products. These instruments are the 111 and 32 Hz weighted tuning forks. The use of the weighted forks provides me with the ability to create a deeper and clearer vibration during the energy exchange.

I also infuse my intention while I am making products and before I ship them.  Thoughts and emotions are the highest frequency and can be best described as INTENTION.  

Frequencies Infused

The vibrational frequencies of 111 and 32 were carefully chosen by me for their specific benefits when infused with skincare products.

The frequency of 111 is known to increase the production of endorphins. When infusing this vibration into skincare, the products will be invigored with cell regeneration and rejuvenation properties.

The vibrational frequency of 32 is specific to the skin. It is used to stimulate nerves to aid in increased blood flow and reparation of the skin.   

Added to using these two frequencies, intention is everything.  While I am infusing creams, I voice what I want to happen.  Yes, it is perfectly fine to talk when no one else is around. 

What Are the Benefits?

Enhancing skincare with vibrational frequencies boosts the solutions of products.

Our natural ingredients are sourced from two wonders of the world, the Amazon jungle and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. My products are organic and handcrafted with care. Infusing my hand-selected ingredients with vibrational frequencies increases the overall effect and creates a more responsive product.

Whether you are looking for hydration, anti-aging, or texture corrector, these frequencies will enhance those properties and invigorate the skin.

My Intention to offer you the best skincare I can

The care and attention that goes into the creation of each individual product can only be found by passion. It was my goal to create next-level skincare products, and so I did. 

The value that our customers receive when using these products is unmatched. By tapping into the universe, I have created a unique, sensitive, and effective set of skincare products. 

Understanding the impact that energies and frequencies can have on your life has been transformational and hopefully to you as well!

I truly value each one person and I hope you feel it:)

with Love