We Are All In This Together


Never have I felt more kindhearted about this statement.  I started thinking about what this really means.  Yes, we are all on this planet experiencing some inconveniences and life changing events, but does believing it create changes in my life?  Does my heart propel me to reach out and help my fellow earthlings and animals while supporting the health of Mother Earth?  It sure does! 

No Judgement Please

Are you reading this now and feeling a little convicted or maybe judged?  Please know that you are loved and doing the best you can. Everything you do is by your choice and ability.     Remember, we are all in this together!  

I Am a Foodie

Growing up in a large family, I highly valued food and became a foodie like the rest of my family.  I think I got this gene from my Dad.  He loved to cook and feed his family.  My best memories included events around good food and special Sunday meals.

Recently, I visited Ecuador where food is abundant. I loved to share many awesome meals during my travels.  However, during Feeding Ecuador and Peruthe struggles of Covid, many Ecuadorians do not have money right now to buy rice and beans.  This reveals the question:  Who is our neighbor?

I think being privileged to eat good food led me to feel that all people should be able to eat regardless of economics, race, creed, or life-style.  At the very core, I believe food is necessary for for all beings (humans and animals).  I love being able to help Manna Food Bank, Ecuadorian neighbors, and Brother Wolf

Water is an Essential but Sometimes Rare

When visiting Ecuador, I met a person who shared with me about one of his experiences during his travels.  He told me how people do not have clean water.  I have heard this before, but I really never thought about it because it is so plentiful here.  He further explained that men who work out in the fields all day have no access to water.  In his compassion, he would bring a tiny bottle of water to them, and that was all he could get.

It was heart breaking when these beautiful men would kneel and beg for this water.  What was even more disturbing to me was the helplessness my friend felt because he did not have enough water for everyone. 

I love everything about water.  I love showers, drinking fresh water, swimming holes, and water falls.  Since I am feeling so grateful, I want to help others who do not share this experience.  Charity Water provides water by creating wells in areas where water is scarce.  I love this group; that has an incredible passion to continue to help provide water.

I love Planet Earth

Our planet is beautiful.  Early summer, I traveled out west and bathed in its’ majestic awesomeness.  It was hard to take it all in because it was so magnamimous.  My sister and I had fun assigning a “feeling” to each place we visited.


Glacier Mountain-Peaceful

Mount Ranier-Majestic

Portland-Food Cart Playland

Crater Lake-Peaceful

Lake Tahoe-Refreshing

Kings Canyon-Grand


Zion National Park-Incredible

The Arches-Iconic

Re-cycle:  What is that?

Simple changes-Big ChangesEarly on, in life, I was roommates with a girl who RE-Cycled.  I had no idea what that was all about!  Without judgement, she explained to me the value of re-cycling.  Her friendship and compassionate understanding led me on this path of caring about our planet.

Years later, as the increase of single use plastics increased, I re-evaluated my choices on how I can reduce my use of plastics.  At first, it seemed over whelming.   But over time, I realized, it is the small changes you make that leads to a big difference.


Planet Earth Heroes 

A planet earth hero to me is about a person or group of people who have dedicated their lives to a cause.  This section honors their work, and in honoring them, a big thank-you goes to each one of you who are supporting their efforts when you purchase a ZenJenSkin product.  Below in the Zenjenskin Community in support of Earth friendly initiatives.

When one is helped, we are all helped!

8 Billion Trees are busy planting trees correcting the associated problems with de-forestation.

North Pacific Foundation cleaning up plastics in the Ocean.

Network for Good   focuses on cleaning the land and rivers in Asheville.

Xerces Society is in support of the beautiful busy bees making the food we eat possible.

Manna Food Bank provides food and meals.

Brother Wolf helps our four legged friends find homes and takes care of their physical needs.

Charity Water  helps people who have no water get clean water.


Providing rice, beans and support to Ecuador and PeruFeeding Ecuador and Peru