Prickly Pear Oil Beauty Benefits for your Skin


As the name suggests, prickly pear oil is obtained from the prickly pear plant, a member of the cactus family.

Once open, you’ll find pads, seeds, flowers and the prickly pear fruit, which is found in yellow, red or purple color.

When I was I was in Peru, it was very common to see Peruvian women selling these luscious fruit from their road side cart. You could hardly pass by without at least trying a handful. After peeling the outer soft covering, I popped the whole fruit in my mouth. They are surprisingly very juicy, meaty and sweet.

Due to its moisturizing and anti-aging properties, Prickly Pear Oil made from the fruit has taken a lead in skin care ingredients.

Here are a few beauty benefits of prickly pear oil.

Reduces Inflammation

Prickly pear oil is loaded with essential fatty acids that help reduce any type of inflammation and redness. Your skin easily absorbs this oil, leaving it without any greasy and unpleasant residue. 

Reduces Chances of Premature Aging 

Prickly pear oil contains an abundance of powerful antioxidants called betalains. These amazing antioxidant pigments help protect your skin against damage from free radicals, thus reducing wrinkles and other aging signs. Moreover, this fantastic oil also contains amino acids that help stimulate the production of collagen, helping your skin maintain its elasticity. 

Reduces Hyperpigmentation

Loaded with vitamin K, prickly pear oil also helps lighten hyperpigmentation. Not only does it help brighten dark spots that are left after acne, but it also helps reduce the appearance of dark circles. 

All in all, prickly pear oil is a highly moisturizing and soothing oil that serves as an incredible skincare product. It heals and protects your skin from a variety of external factors, making it a phenomenal solution for a lot of your skin problems! 

My Peruvian experience with Prickly Pear

Have you ever kept on seeing a plant over and over again and every picture you took of it was magical. Well that is what happened to me. It was as it was calling to me saying,”notice me and my beauty.”

Every time I took a picture of Prickly Pear cactus, it was as if I captured it’s magical qualities. Then I started wondering if the properties would be beneficial to skincare.

Prickly Pear in Zenjenskin Products

After I learned of all the benefits of Prickly Pear, there was no choice but to add it to my skincare line.

Prickly Pear oil can be found in Ageless C Serum and Tinted Sun Stick.