Copaiba Oil Skincare Benefits


Copaiba oil is obtained from copaiba trees, majority of which are found in South and Central America. These trees naturally produce copaiba oil-resin, which is extracted by punching a hole into the tree trunks. Copaiba oil is loaded with beta-caryophyllene, a molecule that engages with the cannabinoid receptors in your skin. Moreover, due to its effectiveness and amazing uses, this oil has been used as a traditional medicine in South America for years. 

Copaiba oil not only helps treat skin conditions, but it is also phenomenal for enhancing the health and beauty of your skin. Hence, this oil is a must-add to your skincare routine. 

Here are a few skincare benefits of Copaiba Oil.

Acne-Fighting Properties

Loaded with various powerful nutrients, Copaiba oil is great for fighting off acne. Moreover, it also helps remove scarring, stretch marks and other blemishes.

Helps with Moisture Retention

Copaiba oil is a natural emollient. This means that it is able to retain moisture within the skin, keeping it soft and smooth. This is the reason copaiba oil makes a great ingredient for a moisturizer. 

Is Anti-Inflammatory

Copaiba oil has some incredible anti-inflammatory properties. This is due to its richness of beta-caryophyllene, which is also found in CBD oil. It also has anti-microbial qualities making it a perfect choice for wound healing.

Reduces Aging Signs

Copaiba oil contains many astringent properties that tighten your skin and muscles, preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Moreover, it also helps get rid of fine lines and other aging signs. It also lowers the number of oxygen radicals in your skin, reducing the chances of cell damage. 

All in all, copaiba oil provides your skin with a lot of benefits, making it a great ingredient for many skincare products. If you want to reap its benefits, try it now!

Copaiba used in ZenJenSkin Products

The first time I sniffed Copaiba Resin, I fell in love with it and wanted to add to my skincare line just for the aroma alone. I was delighted to find it was so much more and decided to add it to my formulas that would benefit from its’ wound healing properties.