Amazing benefits of Cacao in Skincare


Chocolate, the food of the gods, is produced from raw beans that are widely known as Cacao (pronounced as ka-cow). When I was in Ecuador, I got the chance to suck on the milky cream surrounding the bean. That was delightful but even better was the chocolate drink we made from the raw beans. Packed heavily with nutrients, not only does Cacao taste great, but it also has many amazing benefits in skincare. Here are some great skin benefits of Cacao.

Contains Anti-aging Properties

Containing an abundance of flavonoids, this incredible gift of nature serves as a great anti-aging ingredient. Cacao has a high antioxidant capacity, which protects your skin cells from oxidation and increases its elasticity.

Protects Your Skin from Sun Damage

Cacao contains a considerable amount of flavanols, which offers your skin photoprotection, saving it from harmful UV rays and damage. It is often used in sun protection creams to not only help filter harmful rays but also add a little color to block unsightly pasty white appearance often found in sunscreens.

Helps Revive Dull Skin

Cacao has tons of nutrients, protecting it from free radicals which results in vibrant skin. Loaded with iron, calcium, zinc, beta-carotene and omega 6 fatty acids, it not only makes your skin soft but also is an excellent moisturizer and helps revive dull skin. This delightful ingredient is perfect to aadd to mask and many skincare products.

Cacao used in ZenJenSkin Products

Every where you go in Peru, there is ample chance to taste various forms of chocolate. They are very proud of this amazing bean. You will find it in chocolate bars and drinks. Thinking about all the amazing benefits Cacoa has to offer, I decided to create a Cocao Brightening Face Mask and and Natural Sun Stick and add it to my Natural Sun Lotion.