dry skin

Dry skin got you down? You’re not the only one! As the years go by, your skin tends to lose its moisture and natural oils. This can lead to stubborn wrinkles, fine lines, and even cracked skin. It’s never too late to improve on your skin care routines.
If you habitually over-exfoliate, skip moisturizing, or use a harsh, stripping cleanser, your face will show the signs of aging much faster. Dry skin is not an overnight process. Years of neglect will have an effect.
Let’s look into some of these causes, and ultimately, the best tips to help combat these skin woes!

Understanding the Natural Aging Process

If you have beautiful porcelain-looking skin right now, congratulations! However, no one can be spared from the natural process of aging. Over time, the collagen that keeps your skin firm and elastic tends to break and lose its vitality.
As a result, your skin becomes rougher, thinner, and more transparent. The layers of your skin – the epidermis and the dermis –become thinner and more fragile by losing the elastic tissue. Due to thinner blood vessels, all the moisture and hydration escapes rapidly, leaving behind extremely dry, cracked skin.

Lack of Hydration – Internally and Externally

This may sound a bit clichéd, but drinking plenty of water is the key to good skin. If you don’t hydrate your body from within, all your skincare creams and serums are rendered useless. Drinking water helps hydrate the inner layers of the skin maintain their plumpness.
The other type of hydration is a moisturizer. It is extremely important to you a moisturizer to help lock in your kin’s own moisture. By doing so at least twice a day, you are making sure that your skin’s moisture isn’t lost to things like dry atmosphere.

Going Over-Board with Skincare

Over-exfoliating and over-cleansing can also strip away the natural oils. Gentle exfoliating should done daily. The exfoliating allows the new skin cells to appear and the moisturizer to be absorbed into your skin – otherwise you are just moisturizing the layer that is on it’s way to flaking off! My Good Morning Shining Star exfoliates without over exfoliating or harming the skin. Cleansing should be done twice a day. Anything more than this is is likely to cause irritation.

Skipping Sunscreen

Another skincare mistake that expedites aging and therefore dry skin is sun damage. In fact, sunlight is the biggest culprit as it depletes the essential fatty acids, leaving you with flaky, dry skin. Hence, it’s incredibly important to never leave the house without sunscreen.

The Best Dry Skin Remedies

Ingesting Oils for Skin Nourishment
Ingesting a few tablespoons of coconut oil every day can do wonders for your skin. Brimming with anti-oxidants and fatty acids, it is one of the best anti-aging foods you can include in your diet to combat dry skin. Similarly, olive oil is another great emollient to drink on an empty stomach as its high vitamin E and vitamin D content replenishes dry skin. Eating an avocado is perfect for the moisture of the skin too.

Applying Moisturizer Right after Showering
Always make sure to slather on moisturizer in the morning and evening and right after you step out of the bath. This will significantly stop moisture loss. Try my Good Night Moon Beam Vitamin A Night Cream to help keep the moisture in.

Use Natural and Gentle Skincare Products
Avoid any products with alcohol, harsh sulfates, or anything that would strip your natural oils. Use skincare products made from organic natural oils, extracts, essential oils, aloe vera, and soothing herbal ingredients, like Good Morning Shining Star Gentle Cleanser.

And lastly, make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water every day, if you truly want plump, well-hydrated skin!

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