Jewelweed Remedies for Itchy Skin

Jewelweed remedies for itchy skin

Jewelweed Remedies for Itchy Skin Associated with Poison Ivy, Dermatitis and Bug Bites

Jewelweed helps relieve itchy skin

If you are a hiker, allergic to poison ivy or outdoorsy type of person like me, jewelweed is a great plant to know.  They are a great remedy for poison ivy, insect bites or anything that’s causing itchy skin.

How to identify Jewelweed

At first Jewelweed is hard to identify without the orange or yellow trumpet like flowers that bloom in the summer, but once you do, you will see it any place water is running.

Jewel weed is a light green plant that can grow up to 5 feet tall.  The lower leaves are opposite and the upper leaves are alternate.  The leaves have a waxy feel, oval in shape, have long leaf stalks and are lightly serrated.  The stems are hollow and are filled with moisture.  If you want to have a little fun, take a leaf and sprinkle some water on it and look for a bead of water that reminds you of a jewel.  Yes that is why they call it JEWELweed

What’s so cool about Jewelweed is that it has chemicals (two methoxy-1, four napthoquinine) in it that completely neutralizes the histamines that cause itchy skin in poison ivy.   Nature always provides a remedy.  Check out this 3 minute video on jewelweed.

What to do with Jewelweed

Here is how you can use it for itchy skin.  Say you are hiking along and walk right into a patch of poison ivy.  OOPS.  Quick go by running water, pick some Jewelweed.  Slice the plant stem and rub the juice on the affected area.  Or if you want to prepare for a later attack of the itchies, collect some Jewelweed and throw it in the blender with a little water.  Blend to you get a smooth liquid and pour into an ice cube tray.  Then, when you need it, take a Jewelweed ice cube and rub it on any skin irritation.  Feel your skin calming down.  Frozen Jewelweed will be viable for up to a year.

Other cool stuff about Jewelweed

You can eat the flowers and seeds and in fact they taste quite yummy   I usually just pop some in my mouth as I am hiking but take the time to gather some and toss them on your salad.  Not only does it add beauty but nutrition as well.  Or if you want to have extra fun, touch the seed pods when they come out and watch them POP.  That is why “touch me not” is another name for jewelweed.  Another reason why jewelweed got its name is water sits right on top of the leaf looking like a jewel

If you don’t get a chance to forage any Jewelweed of your own, I make a Itch Ease Spray (specifically for itchy skin) that uses Jewelweed along with Aloe, Colloidal oatmeal and several other ingredients specifically selected to EASE Itching.  Check it out.

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  1. Jennifer Maves
    Jennifer Maves says:

    Oh I wish you did too! It works instantly and super well. Let me know how I can get it to you. Jen

  2. Jennifer Maves
    Jennifer Maves says:

    Thank you Debi. I appreciate it. We are still in the process of completing the site among other things so your comment is very useful

  3. jennifer horan
    jennifer horan says:

    Superior relief from this anti-itch spray! I got into a mess of chiggers, (a BIG MESS of ’em!), and could not sleep at night for the itch and burning. I tried chickweed salve, chamomile , etc. and nothing much helped except ice…. The good Hendersonville Co-op lady suggested this spray.

    Aaaaah! What a blessing. And it smells lovely, too!

    Thank you, ZenJen!

  4. Jennifer Maves
    Jennifer Maves says:

    That is so awesome! Ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera, lavender and the power of plants really work!

  5. Jennifer Maves
    Jennifer Maves says:

    Oh that is so awesome. Hendersonville Coop said it was their best selling. Your instinct were right about the chickweed salve and chamomile. I use those in other products for soothing and skin conditioning properties

  6. Jennifer Maves
    Jennifer Maves says:

    I will be at the North Asheville Tailgate market on the 26th. I just made a new batch before the jewelweed dies out. It will last a long time and be viable for next year as well.

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