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Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs


The health advantages associated with CBD oil for dogs are truly extraordinary.

CBD has proved effective in benefitting the dog’s:

  • Brain
  • Skin
  • Bones
  • Lungs
  • Muscles
  • Pancreas
  • Immune system
  • Brain stem
  • Bone marrow
  • Liver
  • Kidney function

Now let’s take a more in-depth look at just how CBD can greatly support your dog’s individual needs.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD oil has proved to be extremely effective in treating anxiety in humans and dogs alike. Previously, veterinarians would like prescribe dogs with anxiety an anti-anxiety medication. Pet owners reported that the mood-altering drug turned their lively pups into robots and nearly completely sedated them. Now, dog owners have the option of choosing an all natural, non-toxic remedy for their pet’s separation anxiety, anxiety associated with traveling, and as a means to ease a variety of phobias associated with the vet, traveling, car trips, etc.

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

We love the CBD oil for dogs tinctures from Honest Paws. Honest Paws uses 100% pure full spectrum CBD hemp oil from hemp plants cultivated in Colorado and the tincture feature makes the product easy to use and highly effective.

CBD Oil for Pain

CBD oil has also proven incredibly effective in managing pain and associated inflammation. A fun fact that many people don’t yet know is that studies are finding CBD is so effective that experts are considering it a new class of drug in order to treat chronic pain.

Additionally, with CBD, pet owners have the ability to effectively treat their dog’s pain without the harsh, potentially irreversible, side effects of conventional medications.

Fighting Cancer with CBD Oil

Remarkably, CBD oil is also being used to reduce cancer cell growth and prevent the spreading of future cancerous cells. While studies are still determining just how this is possible, the anti-tumor effect of CBD is continuing to prove highly effective.

CBD for Seizures and Epilepsy Treatment

Up to 5% of all dogs suffer from seizures. Conventional anti-seizure medications have horrific side effects including liver and kidney failure and in some cases, death. Furthermore, even when administered properly, the conventional anti-seizure medications don’t work for some dogs.

CBD has not only shown to reduce seizures and manage epilepsy, but it has also shown to treat cases where conventional anti-seizure medication was unsuccessful. Again, this is all possible without the harsh, irreversible side effects.

Heart Health Support

CBD oil for dogs also supports a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

CBD oil:

  • Reduces suffering from irregular heart rate


  • Protects and preserves the arteries and blood vessels
  • Decreases harm from damaged blood vessels
  • Reduces elevated blood pressure heart rate associated with anxiety and stress


The Bottom Line

From reducing pain to managing separation anxiety to fighting cancer, CBD is an herb that continues to surprise experts and consumers alike. Derived from the hemp plant, CBD allows humans and animals to benefit from its medicinal properties without the psychoactive properties of THC. In other words, your dog can reap all of the benefits that CBD has to offer without getting “high” or feeling anything other than the best version of themselves and perhaps most importantly, without the harsh, irreversible side effects of conventional medications.


Guest content submitted by:

Chelsea Rivera is a pet wellness blogger based in Los Angeles, CA. She is the Head of Content at Honest Paws, a company that offers dog owners a wide variety of CBD oil and CBD pet treats! Regardless of your pet’s ailment or size, Honest Paws offers a CBD-based remedy. In addition to working for Honest Paws, Chelsea spends her days getting bossed around by her 5 lb. Maltipoo and trying to catch up on emails.