Top DIY Uses for Argan Oil and why it works

There is a very good reason why Argan Oil is also called “liquid gold”. The Moroccan oil has amazing benefits for your skin and hair. It is lighter as compared to other oils, has an aromatic fragrance and can be used frequently to get glowing skin.

About Argan Oil

Argan oil is pressed from the nut of the fruit from the argan tree which is only found in Morocco. So nutritious and yummy, goats will get up in the trees to eat the fruit.  I would love to see that!  Weird but awesome factoid is some goat farmers remove the undigested seed from the goat poop and produce the oil.  I guess you could say argan oil is sustainable with the double use.

Argan oil has a bunch of essential fatty acids like palmitic, oleic,  and linoleic.  It also has carotenes (Vitamin A), Vitamin E,  phenols (natural exfoliant), squalene (highly emollient and antioxidant), making argan oil perfect choice to add to skincare. It is non greasy, a great moisturizer, control sebum output (great for acne), tightens skin and controls elasticity.

Argan oil is found in zensitive serum with and without added CBD oil.


Here are the top uses you have for Argan oil:

1)    Smooth and dry feet remedy

You would need argan oil especially during the rough winter months when you get painful, cracking heels. Pour a few drop of the oil in a container, apply some on your hand and gently rub for five minutes on moth your feet. The ritual should be carried out before sleeping. Not only would you enjoy a pleasant aroma but also get amazing soft skin when you wake up. Repeat the ritual every night.

2)    Skin Toner

Why use expensive toners from the market when you could simply use an argan oil spray? Argan oil does not contain chemicals or preservatives; thus, it wouldn’t be harsh on your skin. To make your own toner, boil water, add a green tea bag and let it settle. When the mixture cools down, add five drops of argan oil and pour it in a spray bottle. Use every day for a natural glow.

3)    Moisturizer

If your skin is dry and scaley, apply two drop of argan oil on you hand and gently rub in circular motions on your face, including the eye area as it is harmless. This increases blood circulation and give you a radiant glow over time. Because of its known ability to hydrate skin, you will find Argan oil in GoodNight Moon Beams

4)    DIY Exfoliator

Instead of getting exfoliators that could be harsh on your skin, you could make your own exfoliator for glowing skin. In a container, mix a few drops of argan oil and sugar. Gently scrub your face, wash and pat dry. This would help remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate skin.

5)    Lip Balm

In case you have run out of lip balms or want to try something new, take a drop of argan oil and massage gently on your lips. This will keep your lips conditioned and soft, especially during winter months.

6)    Relaxing Massage

The smell of argan oil is therapeutic and increasingly used for massaging regimens. It can help ulift your senses, soothe your nerves, relieve stress and help you sleep better.

7)    Silky hair

Argan oil can make you hair soft, smooth and silky just after the first use. It makes your hair smell fragrant and improves its texture in the long run. It untangles your hair, treats split ends and condition the scalp. You would also be able to style your hair better when its tame or repair damaged hair.  I have tried this many times and it work.  My hair is very fine and tangles a lot after washing.  Kind of like the Medusa look.  Just applying a couple of drops to my hair makes it so much more manageable.

8)    Stop premature aging

Using it as a toner, moisturizer or conditioner could help regenerate skin tissues and prevent signs of aging as it give a lasting, youthful glow.

9)    Eradicate Stretch Marks

Rub a few drops of argan oil to get rid of stretch marks. It can also relieve pain.

10)  Much less joint pain

Rubbing a few drop of argan oil on your joints can help ease muscle tension and relieve pain.