lightens brown spots

Truth #1 Brown Spots are Pesky and Persistant

Brown Spots, Age Spots, Hyperpigmentation-We have several names for the same thing.  The main things they have in common is they are generally brown, they are pesky and NO ONE WANTS THEM.   Brown spots appear as we age and more commonly in lighter skinned people who have spent a lot of time in the sun.  When we are younger, our natural hormones keep them at bay, but as we age, the balance of our hormones change and brown spots appear.  They are persistent.  Once you have them, they want to stay.   You can diminish, lighten and reduce the appearance, but as soon as you stop doing it or go out in the sun, they come back.

Truth #2  Best defense is Sun protection

So you are determined to reduce, eliminate and eradicate those pesky brown spots.  Your best defense is be just as determined to protect your skin from further damage.  Wear a large hat.  I am an outdoor girl and loves to garden, take care of the chickens and soon manage a bee hive.  I will be out in the sun.  I purchased a very large hat that not only covers my face, but my neck and shoulders too.

Next, apply sunscreen daily.  Not just when you are outdoors but also when you are in the car.  Have you ever noticed your left arm has more damage then your right?  Best choice is to use a natural sun screen that works of course.  Another trick I like is to drink Chaga  mushroom..  In a nutshell, Chaga has a ton of melanin in it to protect itself from the sun and its properties will also do the same for you when ingested or applied topically  You can find more information on the amazing Chaga here.

Truth #3  Brown spots can be lightened

So you are determined and you have made a promise to yourself to protect you skin, now I am happy to share with your what you can do to diminish, and lighten brown spots.  These ingredients are based on studies and research

Ingredients that work to reduce, lighten brown spots

  1. Vitamin C is a well know skin brightener and works to reduce hyper pigmentation.  I chose The Jack Fruit and Acerola Cherries because they contain a very high concentration of Vitamin C.    Pub med, a researched based paper wote this: Double-blind, half-face study comparing topical vitamin C and vehicle for rejuvenation of photodamage
  2. Ferula Foetida Extract   has become known as an effective ingredient to treat hyperpigmentation.   At 2% concentration, FSS Ferula Foetida Extract significantly inhibits the activity of tyrosinase by 99.8%. Too much tyrosinase increases the melanin in the skin resulting in brown spots (hyperpigmentations)  Just to be sure, we compounded 5%-The ZenJenSkin way!
  3. Exfoliate layers of skin will also remove layers of dark spots.  I chose Lemon Peel and Fruit Acids to do the trick.  Some home remedies suggest lemons and milk acids in the form of yogurt to lighten brown spots.  Lemon peel and Fruit Acids I used in my brown spot buster accomplishes the same thing.
  4. Vitamin A is a well know treatment for photo aging.  Again pub med documents a study resulting in noticeable improvements in skin’s appearance and reductions in photo aging.  They did mention Retina A applied to the skin can have adverse reactions such as skin irritations.  So instead of using retina A, I chose to use Vitamin A in the form of carrots which have no side affects, but offer similar benefits.  Drinking carrot juice also offers great benefits for the skin
  5. Clinical Tests With Niacinamide B3“Proctor and Gamble found that not only is niacinamide well-tolerated by all skin types, but also reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, redness, yellowing, and blotchy spots on the face.”

    A group of 50 women between the ages of 40 and 60 participated in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study with randomized testing over a 12-week period. Randomization was done between a moisturizer lacking a niacinamide concentration and one with a 5% concentration. The results showed that the latter topical solution yielded more noticeable effects than the former.

  6. Derma Peptide Lightening is a patented formula used to repair hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone

ZenJenSkin’s Brown Spot Buster Formula

At the age of 58, I have learned that everyone past the age of 40 is looking for a solution to their brown spots.  I researched every possible ingredient and have created a formula using ingredients that are based on science.  Brown Spot Buster is an all natural formula dispensed in glass vial with a roll on applicator.  You can target brown spots that you want to lighten by simply rolling it over the spot.

My search is not stopping here.  I am always looking for a plant, oil, or extract that will proven to be effective.  I believe in the reversing of age related skin problems and will work toward solutions continually.  For more information regarding the Brown Spot Buster click here