What is a serum

What is a Face Serum and how do I use it?

I get asked this question a lot. Along with asking what a serum is and how do I use it, generally many are not sure how and when to use skincare. In response to these questions, I have put together a guide on how to use this or that. Please keep in mind, I am speaking in generalities. What you use and how you use it often depends on YOUR skin. And I will also tell you how to use the ZenJenSkin products.

So what is a SERUM?

Wiki Pedia does not answer this question. So the answer is wide openJ So here is my answer. A serum is generally a lighter fluid application. It is not a lotion or a cream. It can be just oil or a combination of oils and extracts. But most important is should moisturize and encompass high quality oils, antioxidants, extracts and active ingredients. Usually a good percentage of vitamin C, hyaluronic Acid, peptides and many active ingredients that target skincare issues making positive improvements.  If you want the most ANTI AGING then you want a serum.

How to use a SERUM?

How you use it depends on you. It can be used along with another cream or lotion or it can be used by itself. You can use it under a day lotion or under a night cream. Or you can use it as at night only. I don’t have dry skin so it works fine for me at night by itself.   If your skin is extra dry, maybe you would like to add it under your night cream.  Maybe you would also like to add a little serum to your day moisturizer for extra added anti aging magic.  For information on ZenJenSkin Ageless C Serum, click here.   This product is great for all skin types and works extremely well for sensitive skin

Ok got It!  Now what about other face applications?

What about a Night Cream?

Well, it is safe to say you can always you it at night.   And you can use it during the day too. Many people with dry skin like it as a day cream.  The Good Night Moon Beamsis better for dry skin and not sensitive skin.

What should I use in the Day Time?

The best thing to use in the day time is a lotion that protects your skin from environmental hazards and the sun. If you find a lotion you like that does not have any sun protection, it is not problem adding a sunscreen over it. Some make Up has sunscreen it in, so you would not necessarlly need sunscreen in the lotion.

Hello Sunshine by ZenJenSkin is made to be used during the day. It does have sun protection in it which works great for daily activities, but not recommended on the beach or all day sun event.

Do I need a special Eye Cream?

Well not necessarily, but a good Eye cream is made to treat Eye concerns like puffy eyes, dark circle and of course wrinkles. It usually is made with ingredients that are safe to use around the eyes. That said, besides my WakeUp Bright Eyes, my Good Night Moon Beams can be used around the eyes too. Also depending on YOUR skin, you can also use the Ageless C Serum around your eyes too. It really all depends on how your skin responds.

Do I need a Toner?

Really no one really needs a toner, but a toner does offer many benefits. A toner generally should clean off any residue that might have been left after washing and TONE your skin. It should also balance your skin’s PH and not irritate. The ZenJenSkin Honeysuckle Zensitive toner is made specifically for sensitive skin such as Rosacea or acne. I like a toner on a hot sweaty day, to refresh my skin.

What about a Face Wash?

Well if you want a clean face, a wash is a good idea. That said, any natural or organic soap will do. If you have sensitive skin choose soap that addresses that issue. Ingredients like goats milk, lavender, oatmeal or tea tree seems to help. If you would like to try a liquid wash, a nondrying wash is always best. A wash should clean but not dry out your skin.

Should I exfoliate my skin on my face?

YES. If you want smooth and vibrant skin, exfoliating is a must. The secondary question is should I exfoliate every day. That depends on your skin type but it is especially important if you have acne. The important thing to keep in mind is use a gentle exfoliator. Gentle as in does not irritate your skin, cleans but is nondrying.

What about a mask? Do I need one?

NO, unless you don’t want an instant face lift. Yes a mask will do that as well as exfoliate dead skin cells and purify your skin leaving your skin smooth, firm and fresh.

Many people tell me I don’t have time for a mask. I do, because it is my FAVORITE thing to do. I have time to plaster a mask on and check my email or clean the kitchen while it is drying. It really only takes about 5 minutes of your time. But I like it so much I leave it on for at least 15 minutes. Again let your face be your guide.

I hope this information will help you decide what is best for you!