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New and Ancient Benefits of Colloidal Copper

If you WANT gray hair, wrinkles, crows feet, saggy skin and varicose veins, read no further.  But if you are like me and probably most women concerned about aging, pay attention.  Colloidal copper has been around for along time and has many benefits for the skin.  That is why it has been called “The Fountain of Youth.”

Colloidal Copper seems to be new on the scene but in fact it has used as internally and topically since 2000 BC.  There aren’t many studies on Colloidal Copper, just testimonials and a history of its uses ranging from cancer treatment to skin care.

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History of Colloidal Copper

The earliest record of the use of colloidal copper was in the Egyptian medical text dating to 2000 BC.  It has been recorded to sterilize chest wounds and drinking water.  Then in 1500 BC colloidal copper was recommended for headaches, burns, itching and boils.

Also in in 480 to 360 BC, the Greek physician recommended colloidal copper for the treatment of leg ulcers associated with varicose veins as well as the prevention for infection in wounds.   Then in 23 to 79 A.D. Colloidal Copper was used with honey for the treatment of intestinal worms.  It was further used for eye conditions and mouth ulcers.

More History

The Aztecs prescribed gargling with  Copper to treat sore throats. In India and Persia they used Copper to treat lung diseases.  In 1939, a German physician noticed that Finnish copper mine workers did not suffer from Arthritis.  With this information, copper was used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis, neck and back pain and sciatica.  And a few other uses were for a brain stimulant and a blood cleanser.

Colloidal Copper and ancient beauty secrets were a simple routine.  Cleopatra the Queen of Nile had a very simple skincare routine.  She liked to wash with milk and honey.  Milk’s lactic acid kept the skin clean by exfoliating dead skin cells revealing fresh skin.  Honey is full of nutrients plus is anti-bacterial.  Then she would make a paste out of finely ground powder.  She did this because it was known to stimulate collagen production.  Told you it was simple!

Colloidal Copper used in ZenJenSkin care products

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When I learned of all the skin care benefits of colloidal copper, I was compelled to add it to my skin care routine.  I designed a Rose face mist using Colloidal Copper, Rose Hydrosol, and Chaga Mushroom with a hint of Frankincense.  I also add Colloidal Copper to Crepey Skin Repair for the purpose of moisturizing and repairing damaged skin.

Added to the benefits of colloidal copper, rose is extremely moisturizing and uplifting.  Chaga mushroom is filled with tons of antioxidants and with its high melanin content it works to protect your skin from harmful rays.

I made it to be used as a mister through out the day.  If you need extra moisture and goodness, just give yourself a spritz.  I like to use it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  Check out this awesome simple product called Glow on Spritzer.  Glow like copper:)

Colloidal Copper and hair care

There are tons of testimonies that internal use of Colloidal Copper has returned hair to its natural color.   It is used internally and sometimes externally in products.  In my opinion, since it is taken internally, I would consult an expert or a manufacturer of colloidal copper for recommended usage.  There are tons of videos on youtube.  Here is a good one

Thank you for reading