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Chaga mushroom good for the skin inside & out

You may or may not have heard of Chaga mushrooms, but either way, you’re in
the right place to learn more about this amazing fungus.  I had heard of them but
I had no idea how wonderful they were until I used some.  The effects I got from
drinking Chaga mushroom tea were immediate and so wonderful that I felt
compelled to tell everyone I know about them and to share my experiences. One
of the most impressive things I found about Chaga is just how beneficial it is for
the skin, both inside and out.
First we’re going to learn a bit about the mushroom itself and then I’ll share 12 of
the main benefits of using Chaga and some of my experiences with using it.

What do we know about Chaga

Just looking at Chaga, you wouldn’t think it is a mushroom because it does not look like one.  It is very dark brown on the outside, looking a bit like a large lump of burnt charcoal, and mustard like yellow on the inside.  It is porous, hard and crispy. In fact, it is so hard that it takes a hammer to break it apart.Just looking at Chaga, you wouldn’t think it is a mushroom because it does not look like one.  It is very dark brown on the outside, looking a bit like a large lump of burnt charcoal, and mustard like yellow on the inside.  It is porous, hard and crispy. In fact, it is so hard that it takes a hammer to break it apart.

Chaga grows primarily on birch trees in cold climates.  Up until its rise in popularity over the last decade, we didn’t even know Chaga grew in the United States.  Before then, there had been little knowledge or interest in it.   It was assumed it grew only in Northern Europe, Russia, Siberia and cold harsher climates where it had been used for centuries as a traditional medicine mainly to boost immunity and overall health but it was recently discovered in some of the northern states and in Canada.

Let’s imagine a conversation from Chaga’s point of view.  “Hey you walking down there, I am way up here on the birch tree. I have been here for a while helping the birch tree and it is supplying nutrients for me to condense in my body.  We help each other.   If you’re out mushroom harvesting, you might miss me if you’re not familiar with me because I look more like a hard dark crusty tumor than a mushroom. You have no idea how I heal or you would be climbing this tree to get me.  Believe me, I did not get the name “Gift from God”, “Mushroom of Immortality” or “King of the Forest” for no reason.  Please let me help you.”  Chaga came to heal humankind and offer longevity.

10 plus Chaga Mushroom benefits

  1.  Super Anti-Oxidant:  Chaga is surpassed only by Cacao in the amount of SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) it contains.  I think we might all be happy about that when we learn that SOD repairs cell and reduces damage done by free radicals.   As we age, we have less SOD leading to aging wrinkly skin.  SOD is a great for treating tissues from the inside out.
  2. Immune modulator:  Chaga doesn’t rev up the immune system. Rather, it balances and sustains it.  This is the type of action you want for an over-active immune response often found in humans with allergies. Chaga has a large amount of beta glucans which activate and increase white blood cells to fight for you as well as tons of zinc, anti-oxidants and polysaccharides all working together to support and tone the immune system. Those with autoimmune disease may wish to consult their doctor before ingesting Chaga.
  3. Detoxifies:  Chaga cleans your blood and supports your liver. Chaga lowers cholesterol and can slow blood clotting. (If you are on cholesterol or blood-thinning medications, have a bleeding disorder or are preparing for surgery, consult with your doctor before taking chaga.)
  4. Melanin:  Chaga has the highest form of melanin on the planet. In humans, melanin is the pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes their color. It provides some protection again skin damage from sun exposure. The concentrated melanin present in Chaga’s dark color protects it from harmful UV rays and Chaga gifts humans with the same protection when used.
  5. Skin Support:  Chaga has tons of Betulinic acid which is necessary for regeneration of skin, and healing of wounds.
  6. Anti-Inflammatory:  The presence of Betulinic acid in Chaga offers anti- inflammatory properties.
  7. Anti-Cancer:  Chaga is Geno protective (protects against genetic damage).  The Betulinic Acid in Chaga targets cancer cell causing apoptosis (cell death).  It does not harm healthy cells.
  8. Digestion:  The alkaline minerals present in Chaga stimulate metabolism.  The anti-inflammatory attributes of chaga guard against inflammatory bowel disease. Chaga reduces blood sugar levels and insulin resistance, so could be beneficial in treating diabetes. (If you take insulin you should consult with your doctor before using it internally.)
  9. Adaptogen:  Chaga is known to be an effective adaptogen.  When you are feeling stress, it has calming actions.  On the other hand, when you need energy it is there to supply it as well.  Chaga is a great coffee substitute.
  10. Chaga is nutrient dense:  Chaga has a high concentration of Zinc which is great for the immune system, Vitamin B2, D2, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Silicon, Sulphur, and Calcium.  It boasts of several necessary trace minerals for healthy body function.  They are barium, bismuth, germanium, manganese, selenium (mostly depleted from the soil), boron, and chromium.  Taking a quick look at this list, I can see why it is helpful for optimal health.
  11. Alkaline Minerals:  Chaga has the highest form of alkaline minerals.  Minerals such as potassium, cesium and rhodium work to counteract acidity. Too much acidity causes a PH imbalance leading to disease.
  12. Pineal Gland or 3rd Eye:  Chaga nourishes, heals and activates the pineal gland.  It is reported that most humans have calcified pineal glands which interrupts sleep, dreams and the sense of well-being.   The presence of melanin feeds the pineal gland.  A happy healthy pineal gland will offer us sound sleep with dreams!

My experience with Chaga

Everyone I know who has taken chaga has received many benefits.  I had been experiencing digestive issues but within a week of starting to take chaga, my digestive issues were relieved and have not reoccurred.

Another benefit of taking Chaga is remembering dreams.  Before I started taking chaga, I seldom remembered what I dreamed but now upon waking every morning, I remember my dreams.  Perhaps I am sleeping better too.  How cool is that!

Chaga in Skincare

Chaga is a perfect ingredient to use in skin care due in part to its high amounts of SOD, Anti-Oxidants, Zinc, Selenium, alkalizing trace minerals and Melanin.  

Armed with this knowledge of its skin nourishing qualities and my experiences, I chose to add Chaga extract to three products in my facial care line.  To start, I added it to Hello Sunshine Day lotion and Sun Lotion for extra sun protection and antioxidant action.  Next, I designed a facial spritzer using chaga and other cool ingredients.  You can carry it in your purse and spritz your face for extra skin protection, moisture and beauty.

Other ways to take Chaga

Most people take chaga as a tea.  I personally love the earthy coffee vanilla taste.  To make chaga tea properly it has to simmer for 2 to three hours.  I make a batch and drink it for a few days then make another batch using the same chaga.  I have heard you can use the same chaga over and over until it is no longer dark.   If you need more directions, please check out the various YouTube videos on making chaga.

Another way to take Chaga is in a tincture form.  A Tincture will offer the most benefits for your immune system and cancer fighting.  The compound Betulinic acid used for this purpose is extracted by alcohol.  Some people make the tea several times, dry the chaga completely and then use it to make a tincture. What a great idea to get the most out of your Chaga!  I hope you enjoyed this article and that it will motivate you to consider using Chaga for better health and more beautiful skin, inside and out.

Health and Wellness to you,


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