Lavender for Skin Care and First Aid

Itchy skin, Irritated skin, Acne

Lavender in Skin Care and First Aid

My first experience with lavender was when I visited France.  I was originally attracted by the large field of lavender flowers so I stopped for closer inspection.  As I was admiring their beauty, I quickly became intoxicated by their aroma.  I wasn’t the only one as I was surrounded by buzzing bees.  My first response was to run, but then I noticed they didn’t care about me, the flowers smelled so much better.  So we enjoyed them together.  Perhaps they also receive that peaceful feeling that comes from the sweet aroma of lavender.

Short History of Lavender

The History of the Lavender plant goes back over 2000 years. The Egyptians used it in the process of mummification. I suspect their choice was not only for the sweet aroma as they used is as a perfume but also for its anti-bacterial properties.

The actual meaning of the word lavender came from the Latin meaning “to wash.” The Romans added Lavender to their baths. How nice!

My favorite story about Lavender was the folklore that it was Cleopatra’s secret weapon she used to seduced Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony with its’ scent.  It is no secret today why it is used in perfumes.

Awesomeness of Lavender

Lavender help Sleeping and Nervous Disorders

Studies have shown that lavender has a calming effect on the nervous system and help people with insomnia.  Hospitals are using lavender essential oil in nursing homes to help patients relax and increase their well being.  The most popular methods of use are to rub a little on your pulse points, bottom of feet for babies, spraying your pillow with an atomizer, adding essential oils to bath salts and dried flowers to eye pillows.

Lavender is key ingredient in Bug Repellent and First Aid

We like lavender but mosquitoes do not.  Lavender is often added to bug spray to not only repel mosquitoes but also ease the pain associated with bug bites.  I like to add it to my first aide products because they not only help a booboos and chapped hands heal but they reduce the itching associated with bug bites or poison ivy.

Lavender in Skin Care

Lavender is very popular to use in skincare for its healing, soothing and anti-bacterial properties making it perfect for acne.  Acne is inflammation of the skin caused by bacteria.  Typically too much sebum is being produced, dead skin cells are building up clogging pores resulting in bacterial growth.  Lavender’s anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties works at cleaning up the bacteria while calming the skin.  I chose lavender to be part of a blend in my Zensitive Serum for this very reason.  Zensitive serum has several ingredients in to calm, nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

I love lavender and hope you do too.  Please check out my several products that have lavender in them.  Coming very soon will be my NatXema made from plants that work at calming irritated, red and dry skin.

Calm and Peace to you!