Hemp Oil “Nature’s most perfectly balanced Oil”

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Hemp Oil Cannabis-Weed-Pot-Marijuana…..

Most of you born- well anytime -have heard of the hemp and or cannabis plant containing the psychoactive ingredient THC, that encourages lots of eating, outrageous laughter, and sometimes a feeling of lost is space. Other names are reefer, pot, marijuana. I am not speaking from personal experience mind you, I was just told these things. Are you familiar with the benefits and uses of Hemp Oil? That’s what this blog will be about.
Hemp oil is produced from the seeds or the cannabis plant. The seeds are preferred, but really any genus in the hemp family will do. In case you are wondering, will hemp oil used internally or externally cause me to have those funny feelings. No not really. The amount of THC is so minimal you can feel safe slathering it on your skin or pouring a little of this tasty nutty flavor oil on a salad without worrying that you will fail you next drug test.

What’s Up with Hemp Oil
So why has Hemp Oil been dubbed “Nature’s most perfectly balanced oil?” Quite simply because it has a perfectly balanced ratio of 3:1 of Omega 6 (linolei/LA) to Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic/LNA) essential fatty acids. This is important because our bodies don’t produce these essential fatty acids and need them for optimal healthy nutrition. In addition to all that Hemp oil is the most unsaturated oil known to man-that we know of-of course.

Hemp-so full of nutrition

Hemp oil is full of healthy nutrition. It has plenty of antioxidants-mostly in the form of Vitamin E, Carotene found in carrots and a precursor to Vitamin A, tons of minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium, sulfur, iron, zinc and chlorophyll. Now I am thinking Hemp oil is the bomb.

Hemp Oil in Skincare
Being in skincare business, I thought if hemp oil is so wonderful -it must be good for the skin too. And it is! Hemp oil is becoming very popular in skin care because of it anti-aging benefits and specific use for psoriasis, eczema, dry skin and acne. I especially focused on that it is a great for sensitive skin. Knowing this, I felt comfortable making it a main ingredient in my Ageless C Serum, Zensitive Serum and Heal All Hand Crème

Best Results for even the most sensitive skin
The results have been very positive. So far everyone with sensitive skin that has experienced the ZenJenSkin products that have hemp oil in it expressed only positive results. One person said “I absolutely love these products. I have really sensitive skin and her zensitive skin serum is by far the best I have ever used.” I know this girl personally and she has very sensitive skin. I feel very happy I was able to create a skincare product that worked so well!