Skincare routine for Sensitive Skin

So you have sensitive skin, your skin turns red with the slightest touch.  Maybe you have rosacea or break out with acne.   If you can relate to any of these symptoms, this blog is for you. In this blog, I will discuss the basics and or general principles to take care of sensitive skin to help you achieve a clean, smooth and bright complexion.

Principle #1 Cleaning your skin

Easy does it-Be Zen.  You might want to scrub your skin imperfections away, but this is not the way to go. It will only cause more irritations. You do want to effectively clean your skin and exfoliate dead skin cells without drying out your skin. Dry skin produces more oils (sebum)-oily skin clogs your pores-clogged pores leads to acne.

Here are a few ideas. A complete natural soap with lavender or tea tree can be used to wash your face. If you want a little more exfoliating action, you might consider a gentle cream cleansing scrub that will clean your face as well without stripping the oils.

Another idea would be to do a weekly clay mask that includes green clay. Masks are great for exfoliating all dead skin cells so your skin can breath.  It also pulls out impurities on your skin.  For a perfect mix, add yogurt and honey to clay.

Principle #2 Balancing the PH of your skin

Sometimes skin can be irritated because the PH of your skin is out of balance. A simple way to get a perfect 4.5 PH is to apply a toner that has a PH of 4.5 and is specially made to soothe and minimize your pores.

Principle #3 Lightly Moisturize

Moisturize your face by using a light moisturizer like a serum with all natural non- irritating ingredients. It is a myth that your moisturizer has to be oil free because oil clogs your pores. Your skin loves oil. Clog pores are generally not from the oil.  It is from too much sebum being produced because skin is too dry and flaky. There is too much dead skin. Oil(sebum)that your body produces gets clogged by the buildup of dead skin tissue. If this is the case, refer to Principle #1.

Be Patient

By following these simple principles, your skin will improve! Research the ingredients to make sure they are chemical free, nourishing,soothing and non-irritating. Avoid products that have are known to dry out skin. A gentle skincare routine is best. Be patient and experience cleaner, and fresher skin.