Pomegranates-the beautiful fruit for natural skincare

Pomegranates are a relatively new treat for me. I received my first fresh one as a Christmas gift two years ago, and I have to admit that I was more than a little intimidated by this beautiful, multi-colored oval fruit. I had no clue how to prepare it or even how to begin to open it. You-tube to the rescue! In no time at all I mastered the art of removing the arils from their tight little chambers and I was hooked. The burst of flavor when you put a handful of them in your mouth-sweet and tangy-just the right balance of flavors swirling around your palate. Where had this delicacy been all my life?

Pomegranates are a Super Food

Pomegranates are a choice food for many reasons.  An obvious reason is that it is a well-known Super-food, incredibly nutrient dense, high in flavonoids and antioxidants (more than even blueberries).  These attributes offers protection against disease.

Pomegranates have a compound in them called punicalagin.  You might not remember that fancy name, but just remember punicalagin is responsible for the health benefits that lower cholesterol, blood pressure and supports blood vessels and the heart.  If I wasn’t a fan by now, this does it for me.

Pomegranates in Skincare

Pomegranates are also a choice ingredient in the skincare industry.  If it is good on the inside, it ought to be good on the outside as well.  And it is.  Besides the high level of antioxidants and protecting the skin against free radicals, it is packed with Vitamin C specially supporting elasticity and collagen in the skin.   What is not so common is that pomegranates are used in skincare formulas to reduce puffiness around the eyes and even lighten brown spots.

Pomegranates in ZenJenSkin

I added pomegranates to my line when I discovered their excellent properties.  It is in my Wakeup Bright Eyes Eye Cream because it reduces puffy eyes.  I added it to my Hello Sunshine Tinted Day Lotion because it repairs hyper-pigmentation and tightens skin especially around the smile lines.  Pomegranate is a key ingredient in my Perfecting face oil

ZenJenSkin Testimony

“I love the Hello Sunshine the best because it lifts my skin around my smile lines and jaw”  Well I loved hearing that….thank you and thank you Pomegranates!

Want to know how to eat a Pomegranate?