Marine Algae good for you inside and out

Replenish nutrients to your body and skin with pure marine algae. Algae is the most ancient of all living organism and has about 2800 types of different species with various colors, sizes and shapes.  Much of color is due to the depths of the seaweed.  For example Red Algae lives at great depths and soaks up blue light letting it to live there.

If an organism as ancient as algae can survive time, it certainly knows how to absorb power packed nutrients making it a super ingredient in my lab.

Algae nourishing components are very extensive.  Although there many different kinds, they have a lot in common.   First of all is an awesome antioxidant protecting  all your cells against internal and external invaders.

Algae is abundant in many trace minerals and vitamins. The reason why they call these elements trace is that they are not very abundant but very necessary for proper functioning of the body. This is what the Wisegeek says this about trace minerals:  “By definition, trace elements are chemical components that naturally occur in soil, plant, and wildlife in minute concentrations. Also known as trace minerals, they are necessary for the optimal development and metabolic functioning of all living things. For people, proper cell metabolism, effective immune function, and healthy reproduction are dependent on a total of 72 of these elements.”  These include copper, iodine, manganese, phosphorus,  iron, magnesium, , potassium and zinc. algae are also have many B vitamins as well as C, D, E and K.  Knowing the typical diet, I am a fan of taking in as much vitamins and trace minerals as possible =how about you?

Different types of Algae

Brown algae is the largest type of algae.  If you are familiar with Kelp, you are familiar with Brown Algae.  Don’t get me started on Kelp.  It is over the top on how much it helps you.  You can use it as a salt substitute.   Selina naturally carries a wonderful sea salt mix with kelp in it that adds so much wonderful flavor to dishes.  Here are a few ways Kelp can help you

  • Sea Kelp has been shown to help alleviate arthritis pain
  • increase energy levels
  • Boost immunity
  • Improve liver function
  • Sea Kelp has been used to treat hypothyroid problems due to the iodine which if found in kelp

Ok you health nuts, I am sure you heard of Dulse right?  Can I say Superfood-Yes I can☺   Dulse also boost energy levels and here is where it is a little different than other algae.  It contains Vitamin B12 which is often scarce for vegetarian.  It also has abundant Vitamin A helping with night vision.

Marine Algae Mask

Know what you just learned, don’t you just want to lather some on your face too.  Well you can!  your skin loves these nutrients and will absorb them to replenish and support your tissues.  Heres how.  Take kelp powder and mix it with warm water, or honey, yogurt, coffee and make into a paste..  Smear it on your face-not just for Halloween- let it dry and wash off with warm water and wala.  Your skin will be brighter, skin irritations will be soothes, cleanses, detoxifies, and damaged skin cells can be repaired.

Marine Algae in Skincare

Algae has been used in skincare for 1000’s of years for very important reasons. It moisturizes, strengthens tissue, support elastic and collagen. This is why it is used in many anti aging skincare products.  And best yet, because of algae lipid content, all those nutrients are absorbed easily into the skin.

Marine Algae in ZenJenSkin

Because of the awesomeness of Marine algae, I included it in my Good Night Moon Beams for its excellent moisturizing, high content of Vitamin A and a natural skin tightener.  I also compounded it in my Zensitive Serum for much of the same reasons but also because it soothes irritated skin.