acerola tree and fruit for natural antioxidants

Acerola Cherries & Natural Antioxidants

Beautiful, plump, sweet red cherries are abundant in markets right now and are so yummy and so nutritious. I have really enjoyed their abundance this year and will be sad when they are no longer available. But today we’re going to talk about another type of cherry….the Acerola Cherry – The powerhouse of natural antioxidants.

Unfortunately you won’t find Acerola Cherries fresh in the markets with the other cherries, so no popping in the mouth and savoring them that way.

Where Can I Get these Cherries?

Have you ever wondered just what an acerola cherry is and why you can’t get them fresh? It hasn’t kept me awake at night, but I have wondered, so I did a little research and came up with some interesting info on Acerola Cherries.

Alright, so, if you can’t get them fresh, where do you find them and just what are these cherries? Acerola cherries, also known as Barbados Cherries or Wild Crape Myrtles or West Indian Cherries are extremely perishable and show unfavorable deterioration within 4 hours of being picked. No wonder you can’t get them fresh! That’s why you will likely find them only in supplements, skin care products or juices. That explains a lot.

Acerola Cherries deliver natural antioxidants with 65 times the Vitamin C of an orange

Don’t let not being able to get these fresh deter you from seeking out this super powerhouse, though. Acerola Cherries deliver natural antioxidants with 65 times the Vitamin C of an orange, which is quite impressive for a non-citrus fruit. This cherry has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and the highest natural antioxidants activity of any fruit, which makes it an excellent addition to skin care products. In a world with a plethora of options for synthetic Vitamin C, Acerola is the alternative source of an all-natural Vitamin C. I don’t know about you, but all-natural sounds much better in my book than synthetic! Oh, yes. And Acerola promotes a flawless, radiant complexion and naturally bright skin while improving elasticity ….. all the things we strive for in our skin care regimen. Without a doubt, Acerola Cherries are a skin care formulator’s choice when creating all-natural, Vitamin C rich natural antioxidants skin care products.