Lemons Used in Skincare

As a skin nutriologist, you can not find a good serum, lotion or creme without vitamin C added to it.  Why, because your skin needs it.  It brightens the skin, lightens brown spots, helps exfoliate dead skin cells and assists in maintaining your cellular skin matrix.

What are some other benefits of a lemon?

A lemon improves your digestive health.  When you drink a glass of warm lemon water, it increases peristalsis creating small contraction in your bowels to push waste products through.  As far as I am concerned, that is all I need to know because it works.

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Makes you wonder why people say you got a lemon when you got something bad.  I was reintroduced to drinking warm lemon water in the morning when I recently visited Costa Rica.  The family I stayed with drank it religiously every morning.  In their broken English and my baby level of speaking Spanish, I was told several times on how good it is for you.  Since then, I have been drinking it every morning “religiously” and here’s why maybe you should as well.

All about lemons

One lemon contains a full day’s supply of vitamin C.  I can tell you if I had my fair share of wine, my body craves vitamin C.  I satisfy this craving by drinking me a glass of lemon water before I go to bed or  I wake up with a craving in the middle of the night and then drink it.