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Date Night?  Wanna look your best?

 Got a hot date and want a quicky that can get you glowing? Do a mask. A mask will thoroughly clean your face without stripping the oils; it will bring blood to the surface creating a healthy glowing look; it will exfoliate dead skin cells leaving a smooth complexion and as promised; it tightens up and it is quick-  about 10 minutes.

Skin Tightener and brightening face mask

The type of mask you want depends on your skin type. I like using clay as a base and mix in a liquid portion. Depending on your type of skin you would choose a certain type of clay and liquid that your skin would receive the best benefits. To make this easy, I created a chart below suggesting ingredients for different skin types. Keep in mind, it is your skin and only you can tell what works best for you. Also besides these suggestions you can add carrot juice for optimal face nutrition.

Skin Type: Combination of Clay and  Liquid Portion for all skin types

  • Oily: Green Clay, Cucumber, Egg White, Lemon Juice
  • Acne: Green Clay, Fruit acids, Oatmeal, Honey, Lavender or Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Dry: Bentonite Clay, Avocado, Honey, Oils
  • Sensitive: No Clay, Yogurt, Oatmeal, Avocado
  • Tightening:  Clay, Coffee, Egg White
  • Brightening: Clay, Turmeric, Vitamin C
  • Exfoliating: Clay, Fruit Acids

To make, mix clay with a liquid portion till you get a smooth thin consistency.  Apply to your face, neck and chest (not your eyes) and let dry.  You will know it is dry, when the color has changed and your face looks all crinkly like an mosaic.   Rinse off with warm water and apply your best natural face cream, lotion or serum.  You will look marvelous! Be creative and give it a try!

Wishing you happiness and glowing skin!