What is a carotenoid anyway?

Post Updated 8/1/19

The most obvious way to identify foods with carotenoids  is by their orange color, and they are key  if you want to have healthy skin.   Carotenoids (reminds you of the word “carrot”) are powerful antioxidants that are supportive of the body’s immune system and help us fight against aging.   Carotenoids are so important, but the problem is our bodies don’t produce carotenoids on their own. We depend on getting them from foods such as carrots, papayas, oranges, cantaloupes, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and mangos.  The good news is all of these orange foods are yummy and available.  So eat more carrots, right?   

That’s great for the inside, but what about for the outside.

Carrots and Sea Buckthorn are chock full of  antioxidants, nutrients such as  vitamins C and E,  and carotenoids.   They  are both highly notable for applying topically. They are anti-inflammatory, anti-aging (think of it as a natural retinol),  and they regenerate cells revealing fresh skin. They also have natural sunscreen protection from UV rays, are great moisturizers,  and can help with healing wounds and burns.

Sea Buckthorn in skincare

While many natural products are healthier only if taken internally, this is not that case for carotenoids. Topically carotenoids can be applied to skin and will be absorbed by the epidermis.   Here is one study touting the benefits of Sea Buckthorn.

The Bottom Line

So while it is super important for us to eat our veggies in order to have healthy skin, there are so many active ingredients in many vegetables that you can extract and use topically. That is why I created my line of skincare products, to harness the power of natural ingredients and fight signs of aging with out resorting to harsh manufatured chemicals. Look for Carrots and Sea Buckthorn in ZenJenSkin products like Good Night Moon Beam Vitamin A Night Cream.