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Plant Based Actives vrs. Synthetic Ingredients in Skincare

This is a good question since the active ingredient  are often extracted from the whole plant for a specific effect and has health claims associated .   Good question, but a better question is what is synthetic or isolated?

Plant Actives


Simply put, Synthetic is manmade while the whole plants are naturally available in the form of plants.    Companies extract the active ingredient out of a plant and isolate it or copy its chemical makeup making it synthetic – and imitation of  the active ingredients.  Uh, I don’t know about you but me and Pepsi want the REAL thing.  They do this because it is cheaper, convenient and a misconception that an isolated ingredient is natural.  Newsflash- it is not. Once a vitamin is isolated it is no longer in its natural form and a more important consideration is – How was it isolated or derived; chemically perhaps?

Why Use Plant Ingredients?

Plants are made up of the same vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, hormones, enzymes and oxygen that people are comprised of.   In fact, there is chemically very little difference between humans and plants.  That is why we benefit from eating plants and using them topically for skin care without harmful side effects. The intellenge of our body recognizes plants and welcomes them as beneficial to our overall health:)

 Why use the whole plant?

The whole plants doesn’t compromise any of the beneficial constituents.  The benefits of the whole plant are optimal when they are in the presence of a number of co factors such as enzymes, co-enzymes, co-factors, and even minerals.  These co factors work synergitcally together making the the active ingredient that is isolated more effective by stimulating the body’ healing capacity   Another way to say is that our bodies don’t recognize synthetic as a food and synthetic or isolated active ingredient don’t have the additional co-factors that bring optimal healing qualities from the whole food.

Skincare with plant actives:  Skinfood from Mother Earth


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